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  1. Purpl3_Haz3

    Arizer Air + Extras - $180 obo, or Trade for HydraTube

    ****EDIT**** Trade has been completed ****EDIT**** Hello all! I purchased his Arizer Air a little over a month ago, due to not being able to use my desktop vapes in a temporary living situation, and not owning any portables at the time. While it's proven to be incredibly useful, and it...
  2. Purpl3_Haz3

    Guess this vape?

    Hello. It's been a while since I've posted here...I'm an active lurker now, but have hardly any free time to lurk let alone post recently. However, I have a question and need the assistance of the FC community. I was given a vape pen for christmas, and I don't recognize it. I don't know a lot...
  3. Purpl3_Haz3

    Article about Service Agreements & Online Privacy

    Interesting read, and might make you think about what you share, and how you do it...:uhoh: I'm having a hard time copying and pasting the article text here, without it losing its formatting. So, here is a clickable link...
  4. Purpl3_Haz3

    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

    This thread (inspired by a post by Stonemonkey55 and VapeNStone in the Cloud thread) is going to be for posting pictures of and discussing, the pets and animals of FC members! I'll start things off, with a few pictures of Raymond, one of my cats. If this thread, or a similar one already...
  5. Purpl3_Haz3

    canna-oil separated?

    I purchased some cooking oil from my caregiver recently, and this is the first time I've ever had oil on hand and hacen't used it instantly to cook with, etc. So, I put it in the fridge, IIRC this is the correct thing to do? Now, about a week later, I pull it out, and it's separated...I don't...
  6. Purpl3_Haz3

    Director of Maine's medical marijuana program dismissed.

    SF Chronicle "SF Gate" Article | Portland Press Herald Article | WABI TV5 news video Confusion Surrounds The Departure Of Maine Medical Marijuana Program Director by Rob Poindexter - November 12th 2012 09:12pm - Read more Local News Augusta - The head of Maine's medical marijuana program is...
  7. Purpl3_Haz3

    Glass and Milkshot Video Thread

    I noticed today, while browsing the glass section, that we didn't have any kind of 'catch all' thread for glass videos, let alone a 'milk shot' video thread. So, now we do! I present to you, The "Official Glass Video Thread." Just as a clarification, this is really more of a thread for posting...
  8. Purpl3_Haz3

    Type Racer

    I saw someone post a link to this the other day, on Facebook. It's called Type Racer. This game, lets you practice your typing, and compete with others, around the (world? country? not really sure, but others...) It's (at least to me) insanely addictive! I haven't set up an account yet (to...
  9. Purpl3_Haz3

    Vapor genie coil

    Hey, looking to buy a vapor genie coil, or aluminum bat. Let me know if you have anything for sale/trade.
  10. Purpl3_Haz3

    (BHO) Airborne debris, are they an issue for you?

    So, as the topic states, Airborne debris, are they an issue for you? If so, how do you avoid them? I live in new england, and I don't know if it's a side effect of that, or just my particular location, but I've never been able to figure out how I should go about spraying without getting debris...
  11. Purpl3_Haz3

    "Why I Want a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near My Children's School"

    I read this article on another forum, and wanted to share it. I'm not sure if it belongs in this section, or the Medical Discussion section...Feel free to move it. Link to article on Huffington Post "Last week, one of California's oldest and most respected medical marijuana dispensaries...
  12. Purpl3_Haz3


    Looking to purchase a Launch box, preferably with the PA. I would prefer a LB in good condition, with minimal wear/tear. Thanks!
  13. Purpl3_Haz3

    Gear Concentrate accessory questions (Ti, SS, Nails, Dabbers)

    I'm making this thread because I feel it could become a useful resource to those who are new to concentrates, such as myself :) I am relatively new to this game; I still have a few unanswered questions and things that I would like opinions/reassurance/guidance on. For those that use a...
  14. Purpl3_Haz3

    Police making errl

    Has anyone seen this? Hope this hasn't been posted before, and is in the right section! :peace:
  15. Purpl3_Haz3

    A few QWISO related questions

    Hello all. I'm planning on doing another QWISO run in the very near future, and I have a few questions to ask beforehand. First off, here is my last qwiso run (and first) I've been doing more research on the process, to see if there's anything I can do to make it better. First, One thread on...
  16. Purpl3_Haz3

    Links to threads send me to homepage

    Hope this is the right place...Search returned nothing useful. I have noticed over the past few days on the new server, that clicking on some links to threads within the forum, result in me being taken to the FC home page, not logged in. I generally have this issue when clicking any link like...
  17. Purpl3_Haz3

    Does anyone have log-in issues here?

    I keep myself logged in here, so that I can click the bookmark toolbar link, and be logged in. I also access FC from my iPhone, which I also have logged in most of the time. Occasionally, when I visit FC, I am logged out. This is no big deal. BUT, when I got to log in, I put in my...
  18. Purpl3_Haz3

    Cool TC gauntlet submission video

    A buddy I met at the dispensary passed this link along...A submission video to the Gauntlet contest, something which I haven't heard of, but has something to do with smoking alot from alot of pieces, in a short time, I think. Regradless, check out this video. This guy snaps...
  19. Purpl3_Haz3

    Ideas for my local dispensary

    Hello all. I have posted here about the dispensary that I go to, a few times; Maine Organic Therapy. I have come to find in the short time that they have been open, that what goes on at MOT, is largely dependent on patient input. That being said, I would like to reach out to the community here...
  20. Purpl3_Haz3

    About to make a purchase on a tube, some opinions?

    Hello all, I'm looking to replace my old broken, fixed too many times, bong. I will be using it strictly with the EQ. I have selected this one tentatively, it's about 90 shipped from Grasscity with the coupon mayhay. It says it's 18.8mm>14.5mm not sure if it'll work out of the box without the...
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