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  1. Petrolhead_GR

    What's in your vape right now?

    Gorilla auto from a closed spanish seed company... very potent plant with annoying head stone when I vape it Not for every day use. Damn those autos are better and better after years of seedbank cultivation :cheers:
  2. Petrolhead_GR

    The Picture Thread

  3. Petrolhead_GR

    What's in your vape right now?

    Homegrown crazy sativa...
  4. Petrolhead_GR

    XMAX Giveaway! For fellow FC members.

    A looks like no use... Best wishes :)
  5. Petrolhead_GR

    What's in your vape right now?

    Lemon haze auto... homegrown sativa... :leaf:
  6. Petrolhead_GR

    Weird News Stories of the Day.....

    when an American journalist squeezed the NATO Secretary General (which Greek politicians do not do)
  7. Petrolhead_GR

    Arizer Air II

    Wait until 4/20 for discount codes... a possible better price is good choice.
  8. Petrolhead_GR

    Healthy Rips Rogue

    Sadly european customers can not take advantage of this offer... HR do something for all of us
  9. Petrolhead_GR

    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

    Cat with lemon haze auto... and other angle... cold temperatures gave the plant an eggplant color tones... :leaf:😻
  10. Petrolhead_GR

    Best vape around 100$?

    For 65 euros fenix mini... unbeatable machine
  11. Petrolhead_GR

    The Picture Thread

    "I want to grow up" lemon haze auto... something ate her root, I hate insects, but she is alive after root hormone...
  12. Petrolhead_GR

    Things that go VROOM ... 💨

    AutotopNL ! These two guys take advantage of the law that there is no speed limit :brow: on autobahn and test cars of all kinds. Here's one of my favorites video with a bmw 4wd modified with 550 hp. Scariest accelaration... now that car is 660 hp but I prefer this one...
  13. Petrolhead_GR

    Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2

    Happy new year community !
  14. Petrolhead_GR


    gunmetal and perhaps camouflage variation...
  15. Petrolhead_GR

    What color V3 PRO do you want XMAX to come out next?

    Gunmetal ! Over...
  16. Petrolhead_GR

    The Picture Thread

    Only 3... It's hard I think
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