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  1. Vapetologist

    Arizer XYZ?

    No name, no release date. Just a tease on instagram. Not even sure if this a desktop? Seems silly to come out with another portable seeing how the Air II was recently released.
  2. Vapetologist

    Best Canadian vaporizer site?

    I'm relocating to Canada, not really into the LHS scene. What are the best CA-based sites?
  3. Vapetologist

    The ErrlCan from NewVape

    This thing looks like a beast. Not a radical departure from whats out there, other than an indestructable design...that's completely rebuildable. Ti and Stainless: I'm all aboot them terpenes...this should help: Not cheap though...$1oo. That's a lot o' bones. But as my Kiln only...
  4. Vapetologist

    Maximum extraction?

    I rocked a flatiron and thought I was getting (almost) all of the oil. Then I took three flattened buds and put them back in the flatiron and pressed again. I was amazed at how much more came out. It's time to get serious about this; I plan on doing this forever. I was shocked at how...
  5. Vapetologist

    Zeus Celluar Vaporizer

    *sigh* Forgive me fellow Vaporists, but I must regret to inform you... 'Nutraceuticals' are now a thing. It claims it can vape 'medicines'. They claim its a phone, they claim its a vape, they claim it has apps. There's so many jokes to be made here on principal alone. No offense...
  6. Vapetologist

    Vapir Prima

    Last week Vapir announced a new portable vape, the Prima, through some PR blurbs and articles. With no images & no information about the vape at all, it seemed odd. Okay, to be fair, they offered up this: Today they had a countdown timer on, where they are running a...
  7. Vapetologist

    Lift Vaporizer

    Here's a completely new form factor for a vape, from Colorado, the Lift. Looks like its been in development for a bit, but are about to release in Q2 2015 according to the site. Considering the number of missed release dates this industry is known for, I won't hold my breath, but I do find the...
  8. Vapetologist

    K-Vape Micro-DX - Kandypens

    Another established company has turned to Indiegogo for financing. Heating chamber seem decent sized, capacity good for two, and 430°F? That sounds good enough for a concentrate insert. No info on vapor path, materials, etc. '80 temperature settings' though? Come on.
  9. Vapetologist

    Rize Vaporizer by Lifted

    Works with four formats. Looks kinda promising! IGG Campaign just started.
  10. Vapetologist

    Lux Anyone?

    I was just made aware of this today...but seems like its been out for a bit? LUX Lux Luther, anyone? No? Yeah, weak sauce on my part.
  11. Vapetologist

    Dab Bulb

    Looks Fragile. And complicated. And expensive. And I want one very badly.
  12. Vapetologist

    V2 Pro Series 3/QuickDraw 300

    Looks interesting, yet familiar. Anyone? Bueller?
  13. Vapetologist

    % of vapor absorbed?

    Does anyone know of any study, scientific or not, that deals with what percentage of a lungful of vapors is actually absorbed by the body? What about vapor molecules that make contact with the mucous membranes with the lips tongue, mouth, etc? I would like to do an efficiency study myself but...
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