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  1. Alex3oe

    Handmade Grasshopper Leather Sleeves

    Hi FC members, let me introduce our great handmade Grasshopper Leather Sleeves. It all started some weeks ago, when I joined a small team around our head, lets call him D, an artisan leather worker. After school, he started his career with an apprenticeship in Interior Decoration here in...
  2. Alex3oe

    DynaVap M 2018

    Selling a DynaVap M 2018. It's in very good conditions, but as you can see with a minor optical fault. In addition I'll throw in a stainless steel CCD, a condenser o-ring kit, another three high temp o-rings and one standard condenser. Asking 40€ + shipping
  3. Alex3oe

    Titanium DynaVap Stem with 5th Gen TI Tip *SOLD*

    Selling a unique titanium stem, handmade by famous Stardustsailor, with a 5th Gen Titanium Tip and a Cap. The stem has no carb hole! In addition you'll get a short green SnapStash, a small black SnapStash, a set of o-rings and one brand new replacement Titanium CCD. The stem has the standard...
  4. Alex3oe

    DynaVap Carbon, Omni Condenser, 6th Gen TI Tip, 420 Cap *SOLD*

    With a heavy heart I'm selling a real beauty in excellent shape here: - DanVap Carbon Body - Omni Condenser - 6th Gen Titanium Tip, slightly used - special 420 Cap, brand new an never used - 1 replacement titanium screen - one set replacement o-rings - one green short storage tube (on the...
  5. Alex3oe

    DynaStash Wenge + Stash Tool

    Selling a DynaStash Wenge with a Wenge Stash Tool. Both are in very good conditions. To keep these, I throw in some DynaWax. asking 40€ + shipping
  6. Alex3oe

    NonaVonG-XLS Light Wood

    Selling a NonaVonG-XLS Light Wood in great conditions, but with a 5th Gen Titanium tip instead of the SS one and a brand new, never used special 420 cap. You'll get three mouthpieces: - Dark Wood - Light Wood - Titanium Spinning in addition: - 1 Condenser O-Ring Kit - 1 Titanium CCD - 1...
  7. Alex3oe

    MistVape Imp + iStick Pico

    I'm selling an Imp by MistVape in combination with the iStick Pico. The Imp is the pre release model from February 2019, has never been used much and is in an excellent shape. It comes with all its original parts I got back then: 2 big replacement o-rings 2 small replacement o-rings 4 bottom...
  8. Alex3oe

    Arizer Solo II

    I'm selling an Arizer Solo II, purchased by me at the 24.11.2019. The Arizer Air has been my dd for years, so I grabbed the Solo 2 at a black Friday deal. Sadly I'm growing older, getting more sensitive and meanwhile the vapor from the Solo is to harsh for me. The device is like new, vaped 5-10...
  9. Alex3oe

    TinyMight *SOLD*

    Got the TinyMight on 30.12.2019, it's been EU order Nr. 47. After a decent use in the beginning, I've grabbed it less and less, not once during the last week, so I decided to sell it. Overall I would say I've vaped maybe 50-70 bowls. The TinyMight has never left my house, never has been dropped...
  10. Alex3oe

    Dynastash XL Wenge

    Want to sell a brand new Dynastash XL Wenge. It has been purchased on the 12/25/2017 directly at DynaVap. Price would be 42€ asking price, shipping costs will be discussed :)
  11. Alex3oe

    VapCap Ti Woody-XLS Cocobolo

    Want to sell a nearly brand new VapCap Ti Woody-XLS Cocobolo. The Woody was purchased on 20/12/2017 at Planet of the Vapes. It has been used exactly one time. The Cap is brand new and was never used, purchased 26/12/2017 directly at DynaVap. The screen was also replaced with a new one. It comes...
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