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  1. Dank Sinatra

    On Demand Convection?

    Hey everybody, I was wondering what all instant convection Vapes there are. As of now I know of: 1) Firefly 2) Grasshopper 3) Zion 4) Lotus 5) Firewood 3.0 Are there any others? I'm looking for something a little more portable than my Arizer Air, as my Lotus is strictly for home use. I love my...
  2. Dank Sinatra

    No Luck with Edibles

    So Im a daily smoker (vaper?), and ive tried as many edibles methods as I can possible think of (ive tried decarbing, freezing, coconut oil, brownies, firecrackers, abv sandwiches, stem hot chocolate, etc) and I NEVER get good results. Ill kill enough herb to get me high for a week vaping...
  3. Dank Sinatra

    New Air WPA or Lotus?

    Okay so I just broke my Air Stem, and while perusing the interwebs for an Air Water pipe adapter, I decided I kind of want the Lotus (primarily for water). Now im completely satisfied with my Air, but the price for two WPA stems would be almost half as much as the Lotus + WPA. I dont want to...
  4. Dank Sinatra

    What would happen if I vaped an Ant?

    So a couple of days ago, I picked up my Air for a session and noticed a tiny little ant was running around inside of my stem. What if I hadn't seen him and just started to vape? Would Ant compounds be released in my vapor? What if the ant was actually in the bowl with my herb? Would the ant be...
  5. Dank Sinatra

    Vapman vs Lotus?

    Hey guys! I've decided my next Vape purchase will be a butane-powered one, and I'm curious to see which one you guys think is best. The Vapman seems to have a huge following here, but the Lotus is convection whereas the VM is conduction. Would this not make the Lotus more efficient? The Lotus...
  6. Dank Sinatra

    Best Plug-In for Arizer Air user?

    First post! Hey Everybody, so Ive been a smoker for about 4 years now, and about a month ago I decided on impulse to buy an Arizer Air. I decided on the AA between the MFLB, Pax, Ff andthe Solo. So far, I love the Air. Much better than the MFLB and Flowermate v5 which Ive gotten to try. But I...
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