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  1. TheThriftDrifter

    Marvelous Modtastic Modulators

    2020 was a big year for FC that may have got a bit over shadowed by the whole covid affair. So I just want to acknowledge the time and effort that went into kick starting the New FC and then the rebirth of the old FC. @vtac Thank you for all your work throughout the years. Its awesome to have...
  2. TheThriftDrifter

    Cannabis and stigma

    I live in a country that is POSSIBLY quite close to some form of cannabis legalization.(fingers crossed) We are currently still in a state of prohibition, but the cannabis cat is well and truly out of the bag, with the good herb being supplied by an active black market for many a decade. We...
  3. TheThriftDrifter

    Goodbye FC

    First, I hope that everyone who wants to makes the transfer to NFC. If you haven't already, then what are you waiting for! :nod: Second, I would like to acknowledge & thank all the people who were involved in creating and maintain this original FuckCombustion playland. :bowdown: Third, I want...
  4. TheThriftDrifter

    Our world in data

    Quite an interesting view of the world. Not sure about the listed sponsors though.
  5. TheThriftDrifter

    Loner vs social

    Question 1: Are you a lonevaper or a socialvaper? Or somewhere in between? :hmm: Question 2: For those of you who live in legalized countries/states, what is it like, to be able to be more free and open about cannabis consumption/use? :peace:
  6. TheThriftDrifter

    Dear Mods

    I just wanted to shout out @Stu and @pakalolo to say a big gigantic THANK YOU for being the backbone of this community. I hope you both have a great holiday season. Thanks again for grinding it out and keeping this ship afloat. Much love and respect. :spliff:
  7. TheThriftDrifter

    Bad press

    In light of the term "vaporizer" getting much bad press at the moment, I have decided to try to find a good alternative. Please tell me what you all think. fractional orbital bombardment system noun a device or instrument with a herbal payload sent into a low orbit so that it can suddenly be...
  8. TheThriftDrifter

    Drill bits

    A question for woodworkers. Which type/style of drill bit are good for drilling nice clean holes? Wanting to make stems and small bowls. Using a mid priced spade bit at the moment but the results aren't the cleanest, the bit is brand new too. Cheers
  9. TheThriftDrifter

    Did McCarthy claim Japan has no video games?

    "Because there are no video games in Japan" No video games in Japan? In Japan! Um....????? What a fucking moron.
  10. TheThriftDrifter

    Fresh stock

    When freshly restocked with meds. Do you find the best, most choice looking nug and Load it up and vape that thing of infinite beauty right away. Or Save it for later in anticipation, waiting for the stars to align. Or Something completely different?
  11. TheThriftDrifter

    Chopping, grinding, cutting equipment?

    Hi peeps. I've been thinking about grinders lately. I don't own one, Have not used one. Do I really need one? My current go to: Small amount = scissors Larger amount = knife and chopping board I'm a microdoser, am happy enough with my current methods. Just wondering if I'm missing out...
  12. TheThriftDrifter

    Following threads.

    My question. Is there a shortcut to access the threads I am following? For the life of me I can't find one. Cheers
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