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  1. invertedisdead

    Broke Ballin’

    14 millimeter for the homies
  2. invertedisdead

    When shopping for new devices, are you most interested in better flavor, or stronger effects?

    And if you're like me, looking for the best balance of both - I feel you! But this becomes harder and even more subjective to evaluate. Especially since flavor and effect are already subjective enough - so for conversations sake, when shopping for new vaporizers, are you more likely to purchase...
  3. invertedisdead

    Yocan Lux 510 Battery

    Found these on my doorstep this morning, will be putting them through the ringer and document my findings for my FC family! First impressions are these definitely have some heft to them, this is aimed as an affordable bare bones battery but it’s got great airflow (four large notches) and...
  4. invertedisdead

    QU4D CORE - Convection Cooling Stem for Dynavap

    Howdy friends! Sharing something I’ve been tinkering with for a while. The QUAD CORE CPU (Cannabinoid Processing Unit) for DYNAVAP features four independently air-cooled convection vortex condenser sections for maximum effective cooling, in a minimalist form factor. The stem is just over 2” in...
  5. invertedisdead

    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    Materials Required: 1x Fused Quartz Joint Glass/Sapphire/Ruby Beads 2x Stainless Steel Screens Estimated Build Cost: $25 Some Assembly Required. Back Story: Continuing on the footsteps of the original Sapphire Evaporator, this one came to fruition after my second desktop design broke and I...
  6. invertedisdead

    25mm Quartz banger as a convection heater

    Crazy highdeas
  7. invertedisdead

    What style of vaporizing do you find most effective?

    Been thinking about this one for a while, wanted to take a poll to see what style of vaping FC members find is the most effective for them: slow drawn out sessions, or fast and heavy extraction? Or do you rely on both methods to help keep things fresh? I'm also really curious about microdosers...
  8. invertedisdead

    Discontinued InVerzion Vaporizer

    Figured I'd start this thread to facilitate discussion on a little something I've been working on. Many thanks to those who have already been following me along with this project, I really appreciate all the kind-hearted support, FC has always been an incredible place that many of us call home...
  9. invertedisdead

    NewVape VROD bundle

    Hey gang, have a NewVape Flowerpot VROD bundle for sale, everything you need to get TWAXED! NewVape Enail Controller + case NewVape 20mm coil NewVape VROD diffuser head NewVape VROD carb cap NewVape 14mm bowl + screen NewVape double weave Ti screen NewVape Kickstand D-Nail SiC Halo 20mm Quartz...
  10. invertedisdead

    NewVape Flowerpot Showerhead + Showercap - US (SOLD)

    $85 SHIPPED - FOR SALE: NewVape Flowerpot Showerhead + Showercap. Incredible flower vape, the best I have ever used. Only selling as I am gravitating towards rosin these days and want a new heady pipe. Has a few scuffs, scratches, and signs of general wear, but functions perfectly. Dab surface...
  11. invertedisdead

    Do you notice an increase in mucus production from frequent vaping?

    I want to gauge how common this is, I assumed everybody gets this but maybe not. Do you notice an increase in mucus/phlegm from frequent vaping? Feel free to also post if you mostly use flowers vs concentrates.
  12. invertedisdead

    Ned Glassman Mini Tube (10mm)

    Testing the waters... ;) 5" Ned Glassman Mini Tube, 10mm female removable 2 hole downstem, total chirper, flavor saver! Killer Florida based artist, Ned's functional pieces are very rare and this piece is a total joy to rip! This mini tube is very detailed, depending on the lighting it ranges...
  13. invertedisdead

    Solo still the best?

    I've been looking for a vape for my mom under $200 who is looking for something to stop combusting. Looking at the Goboof Alfa, Indica, Flowermate, Solo, and others. Looking for something easy to use and will provide value. Should I try one of these new ones or just stick to a tried and true...
  14. invertedisdead

    Discontinued Puffit 2

    via Gotvape... PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer Overview The new PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer, by Discreet Vape, is the latest development in the PUFFiT series. Every PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer employs a 20% smaller size compared to its predecessor, the PUFFiT Classic! A high quality nickel plated...
  15. invertedisdead

    Working with ABV: Dry vs Oil?

    I'm getting ready to do something with some ABV. Maybe a honey tincture, maybe capsules, maybe a salve. I don't really know yet. Other then color/chlorophyll, is it advantageous to wash the ABV using QWISO and work with a concentrate or just wrap the abv in cheesecloth and steep it? It seems...
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