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  1. dron19

    For Sale NewVape 30mm Obsidian dish Legacy piece D cup

    NewVape 30mm Obsidian dish mirror finish. This is a discontinued legacy piece. Only for the true connoisseur. Everyone who has ever used one knows it was the best of all ... doesn't crack like sapphire at $200 and cleans up way easier and better than sic at $60... I paid $160 for this one...
  2. dron19

    Completed Ghost MV1 parts wanted

    Looking for Ghost MV1 mouthpieces, chrome heatsinks, or at least the rubber and chrome top from heatsinks... then it could ship in padded envelope. I just resurrected my mv1 and my gf is loving it, so thought I better get prepared :) Thanks!
  3. dron19

    For Sale Misc items spring cleaning

    Some misc items not being utilized: 1. Small glass water piece 14mm male about 8"tall to mp x 5" front to back. $30+ $10 shipping ppff or add 5% for ppgs, zelle, venmo ship to conus... payment info same for all items 2. Boundless Terp pen XL -- new coil see pic with charging cord $25...
  4. dron19

    For Sale Elev8r my back up unit not used $100+s

    Elev8r full torch kit with black writing on pieces and unused. Concentrate pad with unopened pack of screens, box, and instructions. $100 +10 shipped conus. Pay via paypal ff (or add 5% gs), venmo or zelle.
  5. dron19

    Completed Lotus with wpa **sale pending**

    Lotus with disk in really nice condition. 14mm wpa. Extra screws, allen wrenches, and concentrate pad. $90 shipped conus. Pay via paypal ff or add extra for gs, venmo or zelle.
  6. dron19

    For Sale Prrl Labs Neo -- not used $120+sh

    This is a Neo by Prrl Labs that comes with 2 charging cords but ships with no 18650. Has extra silicone band for chimney seal. Note inside from Prrl after they re-cemented the chimney so I believe better than new. $120+$10 shipping... to be shipped conus... payment by paypal ff (add 5% for...
  7. dron19

    For Sale 0BSIDIAN 30mm dish New Vape rare!

    Selling my 30mm dish that you'd be hard pressed to tell from a new one... but you can't get a new one!.. lol! Discontinued... Will not break like s sapphire dish and holds up longer than SIC dish. The manufacturer stopped producing and went awol only reason New Vape stopped selling. Price is...
  8. dron19

    For Sale Black Rock smell proof stash case

    I have this stash case which I have not used. Comes with a mat and 7 small cases to put concentrates in to transport. Bought for $59+ tax... sell for $45... USA lower 48 shipping only. Payment by Zelle, Venmo, or US Postal money order. Thanks!
  9. dron19

    Completed Collyland Art model never used

    **Added some daylight pics so could get a better sense of the colors.... I had bought this VapBong Art Model made by Felix which has the textured surface ... helps to hang onto it, not so slippery. I waited so long for it to ship, I had grabbed another on reddit so I just continued to use that...
  10. dron19

    Completed CLOSE PLEASE....not completed but no option. Sublimator Base 45mm /XLR Heater

    - Looking for Fatboy metal base for Sublimator glass. Needs to have the 45mm ring like pic shows to accept like Aries or Coldwall glass, etc. and and a threaded ring with choke if you have it. - Also looking for metal atomizer prefer titanium. Either Long or Short is fine. - Also if you...
  11. dron19

    Completed GRAV glass Genie bottle 8"tall $65

    GRAV glass very thick and heavy glass and only 8" tall. Looks like genie bottle to me not sure what they call it. Still in the box. Nobody's lips have touched this virgin glass. Forgot I had it in the closet actually so figured might as well sell it... continental US $65 shipped...add $5 if...
  12. dron19

    Xena pics not "found" in recent contest...

    --figured no harm in finding the rest of yye unclaimed pics... lol!
  13. dron19

    Completed Dynavap 2019M

    Dynavap 2019M Barely used notice tip & body are as new. Unfortunately, Cap was attacked by gf with Bic lighter.... works, just looks dark. $50 shipped to USA -conus .
  14. dron19

    Completed Looking for Lotus & water adapter

    I have been getting curious about a Lotus and wondering if anyone has one laying around they aren't using. Not sure if I will be into it either but want to give it a whirl. I have j-hooks, so just need the water adapter. Ideally it will be the black high temp lotus, don't care if it is...
  15. dron19

    SOLD batteries & all the glass full kit

    full kit, 18mm stand, 2 batteries, 14m to 18mmf adapter, 18mm j-hook, 18mm pitchfork, screen pack, bead pack, etc see pic. $165 PayPal net to me US shipping or US Postal money order only.
  16. dron19

    SOLD: Ditanium w/ extras

    Ditanium with quartz nail bought 6 months ago. Bought a VapBong so do not need both in my rotation. Lightly used. Does flower or concentrates or both at the same time for nice combo hit. Carb cap included and extra screens. Comes with standard glass bowl, silicone tubing, and metal 14mm tip to...
  17. dron19

    SOLD Vapman Station excellent cond

    Selling a Vapman Station in excellent condition only used a handful of times. Just looking to get what I paid. Limited production item and hard to get. $250 net to me shipped in the US. Paypal or US Postal money order only, Thanks!
  18. dron19

    CLOSED/SOLD Rio never used

    Have a new never used Rio. Banger is broken that is in the pics so no working banger included. Price is $140 net to me shipped in the US. Pay by paypal or US Postal money order only. If you have low post count you have to pay by US Postal money order. Thanks!
  19. dron19

    Completed CLOSED /NOT SOLD: NV 30mm Obsidian Dish

    NewVape Obsidian dish 30mm for Dcup,Tbucket,Tsunami Looks like new see pics. In original box. These have stopped being manufactured for some time, very hard to find and highly prized. Sold my Dcup so no longer needed by me. Much different chemical composition than a sic dish. Mirror like...
  20. dron19

    SOLD: VROD w/Alum PID Cover

    Offering NewVape VROD with Aluminum PID Cover. I like how this setup is more compact and isn't spread all over the counter. Comes with 2hole carb cap solid handle, debowler assembly, screens, 18mm glass bowl with handle removed. The coil is from NewVape for Auber and included is the adapter for...
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