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  1. 637vape

    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    Glad its working out for you - I would usually run it at 11V when totally warmed up, seemed to perform similar to my other 'heavy' desktop vapes.
  2. 637vape


    I purchased the glass heater only based on your suggestion. Currently using it with a old head freight train bowl and a herborizer bubbler with good results. Being able to see the vapor in the water piece has made this so easy to use, the bronze sherlock is tempting but I'm not sure how I'd do...
  3. 637vape

    Old Head Hot Rod

    sold out - i'm looking for a 110v version to add to my collection
  4. 637vape

    Ditanium vaporizer

    The TI hand piece was a big upgrade to me, very nice in the hand. I was turning my ditanium up and down all day while switching between concentrates and flower, I was at 2 o'clock for flower, 12 for concentrates and then having to crank it up to clean the dish. I converted it to flower only...
  5. 637vape

    Ditanium vaporizer

    Do you have the glass or titanium hand piece? I found the titanium to be much easier for smaller loads/longer sessions - I just use the glass one now for chasing clouds. Combo's were okay to me, flower temp was a little too low to get full extraction when I was at my preferred concentrate temp...
  6. 637vape

    Old Head Freight Train

    For at home use only the freight train would be a much better choice than a minivap, assuming you have a safe place to keep it on all the time. After using the freight train for a few weeks I would choose a 30ft extension cord and my FT any day over my minivap if I wanted to vape in the...
  7. 637vape

    Old Head Freight Train

    How do you plan on using it? I saw the instructions listed mentioned for low temp dabs the quartz dish could be left on vs completely removing the dish for higher temps (temps I use flower at). I have liked every single old head product I’ve purchased, but the idea of having to take the dish...
  8. 637vape

    Discontinued Hopper io

    care to share what you do for cleaning? mine doesn't get much use but i bring it out every so often, i've just been lightly cleaning the chamber/mouthpiece/threads occasionally following the instructions from HL, anything else i should be doing?
  9. 637vape

    Old Head Freight Train

    I like mine so far, its a nice little package. Currently running it at 600 through a herborizer tube, but will probably try some lower temps soon.
  10. 637vape

    Old Head Freight Train

    You pushed me over the edge, I finally pulled the trigger on the complete kit - will report back after I've spent some time with it.
  11. 637vape

    Ditanium vaporizer

    Anyone know of a good whip-less hand piece available nowadays? I tried a few different jhooks but didn't like them, I almost need a 'S' hook to get in the position I'd like - maybe I need to get something custom made..
  12. 637vape

    Old Head Freight Train

    did anyone get one? looks like it sold out the same day it was released.
  13. 637vape

    Herborizer corner

    If I have a Herborizer XL, do I need a Ti? :hmm: Anyone got both?
  14. 637vape

    What constitutes a microdose?

    0.05g for me. My cheap scale only registers 0.03g and up, but anything below 0.05g wasn't really worth it to me in the end when i was experimenting.
  15. 637vape

    The NEO by Prrl Labs

    The titanium screens were a game changer for me. Now that the docking ring is being sold separately, it might be a fun project to try and get it working with one of the various wood injector bowls that are out there to make a terp surfer inspired wpa.
  16. 637vape

    Anvil by Vestratto

    Both of mine looked shiny upon arrival but are now black/grey after much use. In addition to the Firefox I also use a Blazer pb207, which seems to be more readily available. The pb207 on max has a similar flame to what I set my Firefox to, the only downside is the smaller tank.
  17. 637vape

    Discontinued Hopper io

    Is there a way to tell the difference between a grashopper and a hopper io body?
  18. 637vape

    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    this Is the only torch I use now, the lock to keep the flame on works great
  19. 637vape


    The case and the adjustable airflow mouthpiece are just what I needed to get excited about my vapman again, very cool to see new things coming out.
  20. 637vape

    Discontinued Hopper io

    Is everyone getting GHB3 batteries in their orders? I ordered 9 batteries and got a dead GHB2 from what I can tell. I know sneaky pete said in his review video for the hopper io that the company claimed some new GHB3's were mislabeled as GHB2's but I'm a little skeptical. I guess I made off...
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