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  1. vapordab

    The claisen thread

    Being as these things are so useful to us with a number of different vaporizers, I thought that we could compile links and reviews to available claisens, therefore making it easy to pick one up without skimming through the various vaporizers/glass threads. I would appreciate if all of the posts...
  2. vapordab

    counterfeit Vapor Genie

    as I was browsing Dhgate glass vendors I came across something interesting. It looks exactly like an aluminum vapor genie for 12$.. After doing some more searching I found an eBay seller that was reselling them as the original for 40$. I kindly messaged him to not sell fakes as the real thing...
  3. vapordab

    Vaping concentrates through stainless steel wool vs cotton

    after discovering the joys of concentrates in the e-nano (mostly bubble ice hash) I came here in search of a vaping medium to keep the screen clean, etc. Some swear by cotton, others stainless steel wool, and finally, others say flowers. I personally don't like using flowers for this purpose...
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