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  1. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    AMC/GME Short Squeeze

    Where all my fellow AMC HODLER's at?? Today was glorious, let's hope it can continue. I'm finally just about broke even.
  2. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    For Sale Davinci Miqro Plus Accessories PRICE REDUCED

    $75 shipped - to usa. Used probably less than 20 times, fairly new, a few months old. Also comes with a micro usb charging cable (not pictured). Comes with an extra cleaning pic, protective cover, carrying case, flat mouthpiece, extended mouthpiece, extra parts, battery.
  3. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    Want to Buy Davinci Miqro Carry Can Only

    Have the miqro, just need the carry can.
  4. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    3D-Printed Ceramic Accessories (Vapcap Stems, etc.)

    So I've been fiddling around with the idea of having some custom stems printed out for myself, for my vapcap, and finally found a company that I like the aesthetic of their ceramics. I don't really like the glazed look and a lot of the glazed 3d printed ceramic items I've seen look sort of...
  5. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    Vaping cbd flower in place of thc *regular* flower

    Anybody into this here? My brother bought some 6 months ago or so and gave me some. It's a very weird feeling, the only way I can describe it is you feel mentally high but not physically at all. Since then, I've been mixing it half and half with my regular bud. Bud goes farther and I feel like...
  6. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    MFLB Power Supply

    2.0 or 3.0
  7. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    Lever Action Rifles Discussion

    Anybody into lever actions? I’ve been rigorously researching which to get for months now. I live in grizzly country and have settled on getting a 45-70 as I can use it not only for protection but hunting as well. Now my dilemma is do I go with the Marlin 1895gbl or the Henry h010? Marlin pros...
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