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    Post deviated septum surgery vaping question

    Hello guys, My brother just had his surgery for his deviated septum on Saturday, and he is asking me if I knew if he could vape from my Dynavap (he didn't have time to ask the Doctor since he was still asleep when the doctor left that's why he's not sure) I told him I didn't know... but I knew...
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    Am I doing something wrong with my Dynavap? I get very weak vapor not as thick as everyone claims

    I just got my Dynavap M19 in the mail 2 days ago and was very excited to try it out. I tried it out and I just can't seem to get the clouds everyone claims to be getting from the Dynavap M19. I am following a technique of pre-heating and then heating up again. Vapor not cloudy and milky as I...
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