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    Strange feeling in throaght after vaporizing?

    Hello I have been vaporizing cannabis for a little over 2 years it is my preferred method of consuming. Although every time I vape I get like this thick spit or phlem in the back of my throaght. It feels like a ball of it in my throaght. Everytime I try to swallow it it comes back up shortly...
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    Dynavap inhalation method.

    Hello I have a dynavap vapcap m2 and sometimes when using I feel like I feel little chunks or particles of vaporized bud landing on my tongue and I'm wondering if any of this actually makes it into you lungs? Or if there is any way around this? It kinda freaks me out but I think if I was I would...
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    Age and developing brain

    Hello I have a few questions about using cannabis and it's affects on the brain. I am 21 years old and I have read few articles on cannabis and the possible problems it can cause in the brain and most of them apply to teenagers but some pointed out to young adults ages 20 to like 25 because your...
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    hearing is muffled after vaporizing herb and also CHS opinions?

    Hello i am relatively new to this forum and cannabis itself. I have been experimenting with different methods of consumption like vaporizing oils and prefilled cartridges, and just recently dry herb vaporizing in a Vap Cap! just recently i started noticing this ear poping feeling about 5 to 10...
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    Chest and lung congestion

    Hello I am new here and I had a quick question about congestion in the chest or lungs. I just started using cannabis about a month ago so I'm still learning and experimenting! But I had a question about chest and lung congestion when vaping. I have been using a cartridge vaporizer throughout my...
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