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    Firefly 1, 2, 2+

    I think there's a lot that can be improved: heat up time & oven strength (Tafee bowl's heater has raised the bar for on demand vapes) Airflow/draw restriction (the only reason it's such a tight draw is because if it were more free flowing the current oven would be overpowered with too much cool...
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    Tafée Bowle

    Literally look up one post, lol.
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    Firefly 1, 2, 2+

    I would say the number one problem is how long you have to inhale to get big hits combined with the draw restriction (even with the 25% improved airflow over the original FF). I agree it has some of the best flavor out there with it's very short glass airpath that still provide adequate cooling.
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    It's a good vape.
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    Tafée Bowle

    Sorry I do not own one, so I cant comment on that specifically. I just use the black piece from the plastic potter that holds 4 pots and put it inside an empty one of these that screws shut tight...
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    Tafée Bowle
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    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    Damn, also missed out on the Prophet pre-order. Oh well I don't have IG anyways. Looks like a serious desktop-sized j-hook, and I love j-hooks.
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    RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    There's the high temp screw version and the low temp screw version. Some buyers were sent both screws to swap out if I recall correctly.
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    Arizer ArGo

    About to list some stuff for sale and thought about listing the Argo. I only bought it for $80 like a year ago and now it's being kind of replaced by my Airvape Legacy Pro + Tafee Bowl. I've decided to keep it in the rotation though as a CBD only vape. It's a nice little backup vape too.
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    DaniVape by Battery-free Ganz

    Ordered the steel stem and the glass stem. Looking forward to it.
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    Discontinued Hopper io

    My 3 pack of batteries I placed around 4/20 came a week later with no issues. Been using just 1 new battery and saving 2 new ones as my old batteries don't hold much of a charge that well. I figure if I don't use them they should stay fresher instead of rotating them. I wonder if I should store...
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    Tetra P80

    I don't see why a live stream drawing raffle-style doesn't work? Literally just pre-register during a certain 24-48 hour window or whatever and pull names/numbers out of hat livestreaming on Youtube. Winners get barred from entering again. Limit the number of entrances to 3 per person so they...
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    I personally disagree, as this runs harsher than my Tafee Bowl from experience and it can leave me coughing especially on session mode. I've kinda given up on the microdosing disc. I'm going to try running it without it since I can't stop spilling my bud everywhere and see if that helps at all...
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    I won't go in depth right now over all my gripes with the device, but my main one is the shitty gasket holding the (inlet?) screen next to the oven. I don't know how to keep it in place and it keeps falling out and the screen falls out. I don't want want to open the lid and a bunch of herb gets...
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    Which Log??

    Enano XL looks to be the best for the price.
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Didn't work for me just now in the US. Edit: AIRTWENTYONE worked for me though. I'll have to check out this vape now...
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    Cloud Connoisseur Zenith

    Unklemark has made something similar but this is more exciting since there will be more units I'm sure.
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    18650 Battery Safety

    I leave an Argo, FF2+ and Tafee Bowl in my car in 95° weather. It probably gets over 110-150° in the car but I try to crack the windows and use sun shades. How dangerous is this?
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    Serious question, but disregard if you did already, but did you check the user manual? I don't own this vape but usually you would find that there.
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Tell me more about the battery and battery life. Batteries can make or break a device.
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