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  1. Bad Dog

    what's your ultimate technique/setup??????

    what's your ultimate technique/setup for your favourite vapes????? there's a lot of talk about starting best of threads for vapes since so many are so long so I thought I'd start this thread as a sorta place to see how others are using vapes they have and wouldn't mind some tips. so we are...
  2. Bad Dog

    Completed Tinymight and glass bundle (CAN)

    For sale Tinymight core bundle 1 tinymight 1 long stem 2 short stems 1 cooling unit 1 18mm adapter 1 multi adapter 1 internal glass spare part 1 o ring and screen kit 1 charging cable Price $380 CDN Optional glass Bent neck stereo matrix $40 Side mounted mouth piece stereo matrix $40...
  3. Bad Dog

    CBG? The lesser cannabinoid with big potential?

    What is your experience with CBG? And what is cbg and what can it do? I first heard of cbg about a year ago but only recently tried some in the form of a edible oil. It felt good and I was left with a very smoothed out feeling but I questioned the oil because it had 10mg thc\ml of oil and 10 mg...
  4. Bad Dog

    For Sale/Trade Ditanium and accessories

    1 Ditanium 1 v1 glass hand piece (the good one without glass screen) 1 v2 glass hand piece (the bad one... boo) 1 unused silicone whip 1 lightly used whip (should you so desire but wouldn’t blame you if you declined lol) 1 whipless glass adapter 1 extra quartz dish 6 titanium screens 1...
  5. Bad Dog

    Who's your LG? Guide to medical producers and strains in Canada

    Who's your licensed grower? Does their stuff rock your socks off? What's your favourite strain and what do you use it to treat? I'm hoping thread can help people navigate their way through the Canadian medical marketplace and find strains to help treat their conditions. I have 3 LG's and I like...
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