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  1. MrNaturalAZ

    DragonKey DK Haze Premium Vaporizer

    Brand new compact portable dry-herb vaporizer, similar form-factor to the PAX (and no relation to the other Haze), is the DK Haze. It features quick 30-40 second warmup, ceramic oven with 500mg capacity, and simple one-button, one multicolor LED user interface. Three temperature settings: 320ºF...
  2. MrNaturalAZ

    How Japan kicked US ass in QC

    I once worked in the factory service center of a major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer. Back then most things were still repaired (tho replacement was just beginning to happen for some of the most inexpensive items like some portable tape players and clock radios) and returned to the...
  3. MrNaturalAZ

    Fix loose or poorly welded screen on MFLB knock-offs

    (Not sure if this is the right place - I didn't see a place specifically for repairs, so "DIY" seemed appropriate. It can also be linked back to from relevant device-specific threads) I picked up a DragonLite (MFLB knock-off) before I'd discovered FC and knew any better. It actually isn't...
  4. MrNaturalAZ

    (yet another) Easy ABV (or Fresh) Cannabis Coconut Oil recipe (with a geeky twist)

    This recipe is functionally similar to many others - what makes this one unique are the tools used for the procedure. Instead of steeping/cooking in a crock pot, I use a saucepan on a induction cooktop. Instead of straining through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag, I use an Aeropress with Able Disk...
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