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  1. stinkmeaner

    THC & CBN's, What About The "Extraction Process"?

    I feel that there is not an exact temperature which will release the active ingredients of marijuana because there would still be too many variables when dealing with the natural substance that is Cannabis. They may highlight a "boiling point", but what about something that is hardly mentioned...
  2. stinkmeaner

    Discontinued Vape-Or-Smoke Vaporizer

    Just a new vaporizer I found on the net. It reminds me of the Pocket Vape because it uses butane lighter inside the unit as a fuel source/tank. If you watch the videos, they seem to get an incredible amount of vapor almost immediately, it makes me wonder if some...
  3. stinkmeaner

    *Steam Inhaler* Anyone Use One? Maybe With Vaporizing.

    I am usually not one for gimmicks but a thought came to me in a dream about steam filled vapor. Well it was actually a daydream and I had a post in my head where the poster was talking about moister cooled vapor and I thought to myself; "What could have more moisture than steam?" I thought...
  4. stinkmeaner

    Email Servers

    I was using a one called Luxmail, it was basically one for just boards and general web surfing, like a throwaway. Since is a relitively new and unheard of Email server there was greater opportunity for choosing the name or handle I wanted, but that didn't work out so well in the end because I...
  5. stinkmeaner

    Flame Diffused Vaporizers w/Screens *Vaporstar, Phytolab, Vapobowl*

    Something came to mind about these types of vaporizers that use screens or a stack of screens to diffuse a lighters flame enough to lower the heat for vaporization. What if the screens are getting too hot? Think of it like this: If you take a big piece of steel like steel rod can be heated...
  6. stinkmeaner

    High Prices and Chinese Manufacturing

    Forgive me if this post is long and gets a little off topic but I wanted to get this off my chest and most of my friends are morons. :D I wanted to start this thread to give people a place to discuss pricing and overseas manufacturing, I feel obligated because I am the one who started the...
  7. stinkmeaner

    New Purple Haze Vaporizer

    This is a new vaporizer (I think anyways) that I found while cruisin' the net, looks pretty homemade
  8. stinkmeaner

    Guy Fills UP a Giant Volcano Vaporizer Bad (WITH HIMSELF INSIDE!) Stunts like this do nothing to help our situation, what politician wants to legalize cannabis when this is the image they portray?
  9. stinkmeaner

    Vaporists Conserve & Smokers Waste

    Now that I have been Vaporizing so long, It seems I every person I know wastes so much herb when they smoke, some of them are rolling huge joints or blunts with 1-3 grams each, which can cost up to $50 and to be it doesn't get you any higher than just a couple bowls in a vaporizer. A real pet...
  10. stinkmeaner

    Official Dream Car Thread.

    I figured I would create this thread for gearheads and dreamers to drool over. Please Advise: "Point A to B'ers" need not reply! Example: Someone who can't apreciate the beauty involved in designing and building a drivable work of art and preformance. Anyone who can't apreciate a good car...
  11. stinkmeaner

    IDEA: Password Protected Buy/Sell Sub Forum

    I thought it would be more efficient to have a sub forum for members to sell their items so that questions can be asked in public about the merchandise, also as the FC forum grows so will the scams, so it would be nice if this sub forum would be password protected and if a member wants to sell...
  12. stinkmeaner

    How Resistors Are Made, Like Those In Log Vapes

    Sex ed, resistor style
  13. stinkmeaner

    The High Tech vs. Low Tech Vaporizer Debate

    This is a thread and story about my opinions on different vaporizers, high tech and low tech. Throughout the article I will use examples and while I did not want to focus on a specific brands or models, but it was inevitable considering the pictures I found of a particular model, my statements...
  14. stinkmeaner

    "The Official Hot Sauce Thread"

    As we all know food vaporizing go together like Elton John and Cosmopolitans, Tom Cruise and UFOs. Well Hot sauce to me goes hand in hand with food considering it can be used on more food items than any other sauce in my opinion, most would think ketchup would be #1 but you can pretty much...
  15. stinkmeaner


    Vapocane looks like it works similar to the "Glass Vape" Also it looks like it is made by the people who own Hurricane bongs, and also from the packaging they must produce the Vapbong and Vapbong LuxLox
  16. stinkmeaner

    Discontinued V2000 Handheld Vaporizer This technology rivals even the Vapor-Icer, Looks like it is made from an eyeglass case.
  17. stinkmeaner

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Came across a new vaporizer, check it out.
  18. stinkmeaner

    Volatizer M2

    I have searched high and low and can not find any real review of the Volatizer M2 which comes from a the makers of the M1 that was in the MAPS study. I am surprised nobody talks about this product, good or bad. The M2 looks to be well made and actually made from scratch to be a vaporizer...
  19. stinkmeaner

    New Vaporfection Model

    I noticed a new Vaporfection model called "Novus", which looks to be named after the PID temperature controller they use in the machine. Does anyone have any personal experience?
  20. stinkmeaner

    Aromed 4.0 vapoizer question.

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and have a question for any Aromed owners. Has anyone that owns this machine verified that accuracy of the temperature at the light/heat source? They have many claims on their website, they claim the Aromed can monitor the temperature inside of the Herb...
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