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    Activated Carbon and Vaping

    I was changing air and water filters today in the house. I have some activated carbon. Was thinking about adding a pinch on top of the screen above the heater in the tiny might. Wonder if filtering the air going into the herb would improve flavor? The air filters in my house are less than 1/4 "...
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    What's favorite session beverage?

    Just curious for ideas. On the non-alcoholic front, my are right now: Ginger, lemon, green tea, water, super carbonated, unsweetened, and cold, or as hot tea with honey. Hoppy Refresher by Lagunitas. Made a home made version too, 5 gallons water, 1/4 ounce mosiac hop pellets, teaspoon agave...
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    Price drop: $140, Firewood 5 & Spare Parts & Batteries

    Firewood 5 with everything shown below. Spare chambers Spare batteries (some never used or charged) Spare mouthpiece Etc, etc. Works great! $140.00 shipped to anywhere in USA. Sold Thank you !
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    Price drop: $140, Firewood 6 & Lots of Spare Parts & Batteries

    Firewood 6 with everything shown below. Spare chambers Spare batteries (some never used or charged) Spare mouthpiece Etc, etc. Not pictured by accident is a bunch of extra FW5 screens... (I prefer the slightly bigger FW5 screens $140.00 shipped to anywhere in USA. Works great...
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    FIREWOOD 5 WITH EXTRAS $160 Firewood 5. Extra tray. Extra o-rings. Extra screens. Battery. Works great, light usage (I have two, this was back up) $160 shipped in USA. SOLD--THANK YOU!
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    I vote FW5. Cheaper, 5 prefilled bowls, standard batteries, pocketable, basically same vapor, less cleaning less often.
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    PRICE DROP: $150 for Argo, water pipe, etc.

    $150 shipped anywhere in USA. Everything on table included. Extra tubes, 14/18 mil adapter, water pipe, etc. Used for a couple months, works like new, several brand new batteries. Just down sizing on vapes. Water adpater: I'll take the time and...
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    Two Firefly 2's plus tons of extras

    SOLD. Two firefly 2's: One unit works perfectly. One unit the touch bottons are finicky, but otherwise works great. Both units have holes slightly wider in screen, less draw resistance, and clouds are great at all temps. Four batteries, one never used still in wrapper, all good. External...
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    Titanium Vapcap with box and accessories

    Sold... $100 plus shipping
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    Ghost MV1 battery, charger, two crucible holders, lots of crucibles

    Plus accessory and glass stem boxes... $50 plus shipping
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    Second Price Drop $160 titanium vapcap and accessories

    Vapcap titanium, lightly used everything in pic for $160 plus shipping. Case with magnet, titanium poker, silicone stash; Wax; Screens; Orings; Titanium vapcap
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    Two Dynavap titanium vaporizers

    Two dynavap titanium vaporizers. Lightly used. Xl and regular size. Plus all shown in picture.... wax, orings, case, screens, etc. $350 plus shipping. Just PM me ...
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    Original Cloud by Vapexhale

    Looking to buy an original cloud by vapexhale. Not the newer evo model. Send me a PM! THANKS!
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