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  1. Vapolution Vaporizers

    Discontinued Vapolution 3.0

    Hey everyone. Its true, we are working on the Vapolution 3.0 and we did merge with Mcig. We hope to see the 3.0 come to fruition in the next handful of months. As for the website listed above, we have no affiliation with. Now on to rekrab... Give us a shout and let us know your address, we...
  2. Vapolution Vaporizers

    Discontinued Vapolution 2.0

    Dear FC members, Vapolution has been making vaporizers out of Chico, Ca for the past eight years. Last year we released the Vapolution 2.0 and we are hoping to generate discussion about how our simple, yet effective, vaporizer has a place for medical users and recreational vaporizer...
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