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  1. FlyingLow

    PGR bud and why it should be avoided...

    Do any of you pay attention to PGR weed? This is the first I have really read of it, but I find their assessment kinda spot on...
  2. FlyingLow

    Completed ATTENTION****MINIVAP MESTIZO Delrin Adapter FOR SALE

    You can search for a lifetime, you may never come across another MiniVap Mestizo Delrin Adapter in new condition... These are about as "unobtanium" as it gets. Many consider it to be the best of the best water adapter for MiniVap and are increasingly rare. Mine has been used less than 10...
  3. FlyingLow

    BEST DubeTube alternatives for DynaVap

    What are the best of the best DubeTubes? Do any of you favor aftermarket dubetubes? A brief search on Amazon returns a dozen of decent looking alternatives... I LOVE the ones from Dynavap, but the caps tend to break with age and excessive wear. I am going to order a few more Dyna green...
  4. FlyingLow

    Crested Butte!!!

    Anyone in FC Land spend time in Crested Butte? I am planning a visit and will be fishing every day, but would welcome any guidance on food and dispensaries. What are everyone's favorite Colorado brands these days? I am going to be hunting for Viola, Binske, Harmony concentrates- but I have...
  5. FlyingLow


    Seems like a handful of the glass blowers and I am sure a number of others all are coming down with COVID and the comments going back and forth are a shit show... Hope everyone gets well soon, everyone's families are okay, and we pull through this shit soon! Stay safe y'all!
  6. FlyingLow

    Billy Fucking Strings @ Red Rocks in May

    Tickets went on sale about 45 mins ago and I've been stuck in the cue... I have accepted I likely won't get through. If any of you locals hear of available tickets, I would so greatly appreciate your reaching out to me!!!
  7. FlyingLow

    FC on Facebook

    Could not help but notice a FC group on Facebook... is it run by the same folks as our FC forums? Love the anonymity of this Forum, not something Facebook supports; I am not inclined to go to Facebook for our discussions...
  8. FlyingLow

    Gear Terp Sous Vide (TSV)

    Is this little heater on anyone else's radar?? It is novel, but also somewhat appealing.... @terp.sousvide I'm curious. Hot air, no torch, no coil, looks to fit any style and size banger/slurper/etc. The only downside I see is a 3 min wait. @investinheadies posted a few videos, full units...
  9. FlyingLow

    Replacement needed for eVic Primo Mini

    Looking to replace my years old eVic Primo Mini mod and looking open to any recommendations... I have the most basic of needs, looking for something that utilizes a single 18650 battery. It will primarily be used with simple 510 carts on low voltages (under 3v). I'd like to stay smaller...
  10. FlyingLow

    The SmokeFreezer

    Anyone try this one yet? Looks like it was designed around smoke, but it seems many vapes could easily pair with this via the 14mm male joint... It appears to have incredible cooling, it is tempting.
  11. FlyingLow

    Live Music Thread

    What was the last show you saw before The Great Quarantine? What is your first show back now that vaccinations are available?
  12. FlyingLow

    Foodie in Richmond VA.

    Any suggestions on where to go in Richmond for a great lunch or dinner, or dive bar? No restrictions, what are your favorite spots?
  13. FlyingLow

    Happy 7/10 Hooligans!

    Hope all are having a lifted 7/10! ...feeling tempted to take out my last .4 diamond of Binske Carthage Anyone make any related purchases? I picked up a DabRite earlier in the week off Amazon...
  14. FlyingLow

    Quartz Care and Maintenance

    Are you that person whose bangers last YEARS? Your input is welcomed here!!!! Let us discuss maintenance and cleaning. What do you do after your dab? No one wants to spend much time or great effort after a fat dab... For me, beginning to use a temp meter (I picked up a DabRite) was a game...
  15. FlyingLow

    Cleaning Tools

    I've always been a simple ISO & Salt kinda guy, but sometimes one needs to put a little more elbow into a cleaning session. Does anyone have a favored "bottle" cleaning wand that they prefer? Please post a link... Need something 12-18" reach, firm enough to scrub, maneuverable enough to get...
  16. FlyingLow

    Before Flying... PreFlight Routines

    I LOVE aviation. I HATE flying. As such, I melt my fucking face off before going to the airport. What is everyone’s routines? Mine tends to start and finish with dabs out of the reserve jars... everything between is dependent on which flower tools I’m packing and taking with me. Today...
  17. FlyingLow

    Does Imgur delete images?

    I still have access to my Imgur account, but it is rarely used. I logged in today to pull an old pic, and the link to my photos takes me to a dead end. "Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn. Lets split up, gang. If you're looking for an image, it's probably been deleted or may not have...
  18. FlyingLow

    Infused Honey and Syrup

    I ALWAYS make butter and love cooking with it... I also love honey and syrup. Anyone have recipes for infusing honey/syrup?
  19. FlyingLow

    Tools for Finding the Perfect Temp

    When I first began dabbing, I used a timer to really zero in on the perfect temps for me. Now, more often than not I just count in my head. Today, there are tons of useful tools to ensure you are hitting at exactly the perfect temperature every time. Not only does this greatly improve...
  20. FlyingLow

    Carb Cap Discussions

    So many options on the market, what do you currently using? Post up your setups! Do you prefer directional caps with the more restrictive airflow, or spinner caps? Anyone using channel caps? What caps are on your radar/ wish-list? I've always been directional, but have been recently using...
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