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  1. Shrinks

    Arizer Air to Flowermate Mini Pro

    I'm going to keep this condensed for simplicity, but long story short, I'm giving my brother my Arizer Air and in turn I'm looking for a new portable vaporizer that suits my needs. As someone who lives very close to the mountains and loves to hike/do other outdoor activities, I want to keep the...
  2. Shrinks

    Arizer Air or MFLB?

    I'm a university student who is now looking for a portable vape that I could take around campus/out for hikes and vape with friends. I own a desktop vape but for paranoid and discreetness reasons I left it at my parent's for my brother and father to use. I'm not looking for a desktop-replacement...
  3. Shrinks

    Struggling between Extreme Q and DBV

    Hello everyone, It has been a long time since I've been here. The last time I posted I claimed about purchasing a product, but long story short things did not fall through. Now, however, that my first college year is over and my birthday is coming up soon I'm resuming the vaping route as I want...
  4. Shrinks

    Budget Portable Vapor For College Student?

    Hello everyone. I am a college student in Colorado and in our sophomore+ dorms we are allowed to have various herbs on campus as long as we have a card. After entertaining the motion of getting a card (due to legitimate anxiety issues), the next step is method of intake. I'm not a fan of...
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