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  1. darbarikanada

    Puffco Proxy

    in Troy's video, when it's in what he calls 'disco mode', its lights spin around like a UFO - that would draw almost as much attention in a public place as heating up a vapcap with a torch.
  2. darbarikanada

    Portable HASH/HASJ Vaporizer (no pen)

    it's really best as a session vape, but you can sort of fake it: - put in a tiny load, e.g. .02-.04g (hash or flower). place the liquid pad on top - heat to the highest temp (210ºC). once it reaches temp, let it 'cook' another ~30 sec. - turn off the mighty, take a big hit. you might get a 2nd...
  3. darbarikanada

    Portable HASH/HASJ Vaporizer (no pen)

    from the S&B website: "The battery-powered MIGHTY uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction"
  4. darbarikanada

    Portable HASH/HASJ Vaporizer (no pen)

    I don't know the mighty's conduction/convection ratio, but I've never heard anyone say it's mostly conduction. with bubble hash I start getting vapor at relatively low temps, e.g. 170ºC, increase temp as needed. hard hash needs higher temps, but not necessarily 210º. definitely slow draw.
  5. darbarikanada

    Portable HASH/HASJ Vaporizer (no pen)

    I vape hash - hard and 'bubble' - in my mighty all the time, think it's great. hard hash is more challenging: I have to cut it up into tiny pieces, put it under the liquid pad - but it works fine. with both types I put ~.05g under the liquid pad. the mighty's very efficient, so putting in more...
  6. darbarikanada

    Cannabis News

    precisely. states that have legalized cannabis have different regulations so trustworthiness of test results is an issue (I noticed that one producer's products here in wa. all seemed to have the exact same THC % - if that isn't fishy, what is?). I imagine the states are watching each other to...
  7. darbarikanada

    Cannabis News

    agreed that 'poorly regulated concentrates' is a real issue when it comes to teens (and I predict that it'll be getting plenty of press, for better or worse), but I'm pretty sure word-of-mouth would be plenty adequate (without marketing) for teens to learn about concentrates - the mere existence...
  8. darbarikanada

    Cannabis News

    I read the article. I think it's important to point out that it's about concentrate use among teens, figured the media would 'discover' the phenomenon sooner rather than later. (I don't know about you, but I've often wondered how I or my friends would've responded if 80%+ concentrates had been...
  9. darbarikanada

    Sativa lovers

    I tried a new (to me) 100% sativa the other day: vietnam black (kiona). extremely energizing, extremely mental - the only thing I can think of that's comparable is green crack, but green crack's too jittery for me; vietnam black's more psychedelic - racing thoughts, like a brainstorm.
  10. darbarikanada

    Puffco Proxy

    yes. the device itself shouldn't get as hot as the DTV, and the longer stem should make for cooler vapor. adding a longer drip tip to the DT5 would make it even less portable than it already is. in a way, the proxy's like a banger without water - but portable. I use a mighty for concentrates, so...
  11. darbarikanada

    Puffco Proxy

    I don't own either, but it seems to me from reading quite a bit on the DT reddit that the V5 isn't really portable (gets too hot, too fast, is best with water), so if this thing makes cooler vapor than the V5, doesn't get overly hot, it could be nice - price aside. it seems like portable...
  12. darbarikanada

    Smoke VS vapor : couch locking

    I wonder if you might not be finishing what's in your bowl. do you vape until it tastes like burnt popcorn? supposedly the more couch-lock cannabinoids are the ones that vaporize at the highest temperatures, so if you're stopping before it's done, that could explain what you're describing.
  13. darbarikanada

    Ever meet a rando vaper?

    I live in a legal state, but it's not legal outside of one's home. I frequently smell when someone's vaping nearby, but have yet to actually see the culprit, probably because it's so much easier to be discreet while vaping than while combusting. I've even smelled vapers inside clubs...
  14. darbarikanada

    Can you "one hit a mighty/crafty+?.

    generally speaking, the mighty/crafty is a 'session vape', not well-suited to what you're after, but you can get closer: load less (.10-.12g), put the liquid pad on top, set to max. temp. after it reaches temp, let it cook for ~30 sec., turn it off and take the biggest hit you can manage. btw...
  15. darbarikanada

    Overall bestselling models?

    I once asked a local store and they said pax was most popular.
  16. darbarikanada

    Vaporizer advice for Moroccan style hash

    I never tried that, but suspect a lot of hash would end up stuck on the little blades. one thing I haven't tried is to heat the hash up. then, when it's soft, roll it out (using a jar or something like that) into a thin little pancake. let that cool, then chop it up. rainy day project...
  17. darbarikanada

    First dry herb vape for 300 USD?

    vapcaps are pretty un-stealthy, due to the need for a torch ( but you knew that, right?).
  18. darbarikanada

    Travelling to the USA - dispensary recommendations

    I'd add that most 'budtenders' (the people who work in the dispensaries) are pretty close to useless as a source of information (no offense to the rare budtender who really knows their shit - they do exist); when you're deciding which of the 100's (1000's?) of strains to buy, you're better off...
  19. darbarikanada

    CBD + THC = less high??

    I've heard that CBD reduces the high, but I think the extremely low levels of CBD in weed that's produced with the objective of getting high says it all: the quest for stonier weed has been an evolutionary force, with the end result that it's rare to find a stone-y weed that has more than the...
  20. darbarikanada

    How Do You Classify and Select Your Dispensary Flower?

    I'm a big fan of creative strains. sativas or sativa-leaning hybrids are more likely to be creative, but it's far from guaranteed. there are definitely creative indicas (purple arrow!) and plenty of creative hybrids. jack herer seems to have a strong creative component; I've found that hybrids...
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