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  1. CrazyDiamond

    Carb-Bubble-Spinner caps-where do you place yours when hot?

    As the title says, I'm looking to see how and where you put a hot carb cap right after you dab...looking for better ideas than I have below. Right now I'm using an 18mm male flower bowl turned joint side up and I let it sit there to cool.
  2. CrazyDiamond

    Florida med users...what are we going to do about HB 1455, a 10% THC cap?

    It has now passed two subcommittees, one more and I think it goes to the house floor. We need a resoundin NO vote from our representatives. Unfortunately, I cannot write or contact my rep about this because he is in bed with who I work for and they are all very conservative. 10% THC will do...
  3. CrazyDiamond

    Bands covering other bands

    Started this at NFC and decided since we're coming back here, start it here since it was a new thread instead of merging. (Great thinking @Stu thank you) It started as New bands covering bands but I thought, with a little nudge from a member, to expand it to all bands. So I'll post the same...
  4. CrazyDiamond

    FC Meet Up, 2016 Cannabis Cup, somewhere in CO

    There has been a recent calling of several of us here to want to meet up sometime. We were thinking Seattle, but then it was suggested Cannabis Cup in Denver, CO in 2015. I don't know when it is (September I believe). Denver is the most "central", legal state so that would probably be the best...
  5. CrazyDiamond

    Florida FC'rs come on in

    Some of you know I live in Florida and just moved here from San Diego after 20 years...born and raised in South Florida. I now live in the Wildwood area (northern end of the turnpike, about 50 miles or so northwest of Orlando). I was just down in the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area this past...
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