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  1. Vape Engineering

    Herbie V2 by Vape Engineering - 510 dry herb vaporizer

    Hi friends, Welcome to our new thread. A few of you might already knew us from our last project HERBIE. Let’s be honest – Version 1 was not ready for the market. We could make it work for ourselves, but a few of our customers struggled with it. At some point we even thought to dump the project...
  2. Vape Engineering

    HERBIE 510 Stainless Steel Mesh Vaporizer

    Hey folks, this is Til and Nils from Vape Engineering. Back in 2016 we had the idea to use our engineering knowledge for things that actually matter - vaporizers! Unfortunately we had no idea, if the product we were thinking about would actually fit in todays market. Therefore we got...
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