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  1. weenstoned

    Brand new Highly Educated Triniti 10/11/14mm domeless nail

    Won this with a rig in a raffle from Boroheads last year. I pretty much stick to Quartz so I have never used it. Looks like they retail online in Canada for $80-100. Was looking to get $60 shipping included depending on your location. Shipping to Canada only. Edit: added pic of clean dish.
  2. weenstoned

    BHO simple syrup

    Intending on making some BHO "lean" and was planning on just making a thick simple syrup and adding flavour and food colouring. After I decarb would it be worthwhile mixing the BHO with some vegetable glycerin or dissolving it in everclear (have just enough to do this), or just putting the...
  3. weenstoned

    How practical/safe is sandblasting glass on my apartment balcony?

    Hey FC I have been looking at the price of sandblasting equipment recently and have been considering buying a set up to jazz up chinese glass. Was just wondering if anyone had more knowledge as to whether this is possible to do on a balcony. Obviously I would be wearing breathing protection, but...
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