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  1. Razhumikin

    Vape Minyan

    I love being Jewish, and I love vaping. I've noticed a fair amount of tribe members on FC, so I figured id make a space for us here. Feel free to use this thread to talk about any and all things Jewish or vaping-related, such as Whats your favorite jewish food or activity to engage with while...
  2. Razhumikin

    Want to Buy Vapwood Timber Elite or Lil Bud Elite

    Interested in picking up a vapwood timber elite or lil bud elite if in good condition. Pm with offers and we can see if we can work something out.
  3. Razhumikin

    Completed OG Milaana

    This may be a longshot, but looking to buy an OG Milaana to help complete my collection. Hoping to spend <300, hit me up with offers/pics.
  4. Razhumikin

    NYC Best Vape Spots

    How many of you live in NYC, and if so, what are your favorite places to vape/things to do while vaping? I love to vape in Astoria Park while watching the boats go under the Hell Gate, or in the Ramble before a trip to the museum of natural history.
  5. Razhumikin

    Session Bong: Just hype?

    I've been seeing this bong all over the place, and it looks really nice, but has anyone actually used one? Is it worth the cost or is it just hyped up because of the aesthetics?
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