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  1. average_joe

    Does anyone build this vape already? DIY cheap coil vape.

    Hello I am not sure of there is a DIY thread in the forum and could not find one. My question is, is this vape made already by someone? I took ideas from the GSV and Elev8r: It is a 14 female to 18 female adapter with quartz beads that stay in place because theres a mesh on top and in the...
  2. average_joe

    UPS Scam and Arizer looking the other way

    Not sure if I am posting this in the right place, sorry if I am not, I am very stressed right now. I bought from many interntaional sellers this 420 and UPS and Arizer are making it a pain. I was a huge Arizer fan I am still a fan of the V Tower (one of the best budget desktop vapes imo), used...
  3. average_joe LEGIT???

    Hello ppl from the forum I need your help to know if thise website is legit for international orders, they have all the vapes I am looking for, good prices, free shipping to Chile, sounds like a dream BUT only taking bank transfer at the moment. I looked in the forum and found some ppl using...
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