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  1. Polarbearboy

    Best Perc Type(s)/Best Bubbler for Max Cooling/Smoothing/Filtering

    I've been inhaling cannabis products--weed and rarely hash--since the late 60's. I smoked cigarettes for more than 50 years, Lucky Strikes at that. Been cigarette free for 8 years and have combusted(as opposed to vaping or eating) cannabis less than once a year--and always with the same...
  2. Polarbearboy

    What Type of Concentrate To You Most Enjoy

    Adult legal retail in two of the adjacent states has opened the door to untold riches! I'm about to head over to Maine to load up for the holidays. But there's now so many choices: Resin, Rosin, Shatter, Budder, Sugar, Live anything, diamonds, sauce, diamonds and sauce, etc. Yes, I know all the...
  3. Polarbearboy

    Dental Health/Surgery and Cannabis

    I had oral surgery yesterday, a dental implant. I was wondering when I could start vaping again or using edibles until then. So I googled "cannabis and oral surgery" and "cannabis and dental health". I consider myself educated and well-informed, but I was quite surprised by some of the things I...
  4. Polarbearboy

    Which native vapes really cool/tone the vapor

    I'm an older(73) weed user who's been vaping for six years now and thinking about replacing ye auld ogCrafty. I smoked cigarettes for fifty years and smoked dope for nearly as long, and so now my lungs are somewhat sensitive. I've got half a dozen vapes other than the Crafty, including...
  5. Polarbearboy

    OS. Klik Distillate Pen

    I'm up at my place in far northern Newfoundland and was thinking of a quick trip to the nearest dispensary 270 miles away. Among the stuff on the concentrate list are three different OS. Klik Distillate Pens. On my drive up from the states I stopped at an amazing CannabisNB(New Brunswick) store...
  6. Polarbearboy

    Replacing Crafty

    My Crafty is giving me the dreaded blue/red flashing lights. I've tried just about every suggestion to no avail. I've used it quite a lot, especially for four-season outdoor recreational activities like hiking, biking, xc skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Beyond its reliability and the dosing caps...
  7. Polarbearboy

    G Pen Connect: No love? Not even a listing? Why?

    While this is vape specific, I don't see a thread. Searching comes up empty. I'm a daily concentrate enjoyer for about a year and a half, right when covid struck. I've bought a fair amount of lovely delicious stuff and experimented, particularly during the lockdown year for oldsters like me...
  8. Polarbearboy

    New Mac and Firefox blocking FC. Help!

    I just bought a new used Macbook Pro running High Sierra(10.13.6) and the latest version of Firefox. I can open FuckCombustion in Safari on the new computer but when I try to open it up in Firefox nothing happens. No note of a blocked site. Nothing. Help. I hate Safari so need to access FC on...
  9. Polarbearboy

    Dropped my "cheap high-quality" bubbler and it broke

    I love(d) my big double perc tree bubbler, purchased from DHGate China two or so years ago. It looks, feels, and functions way better than the $37US including shipping. After vaping some too luscious live budder, I put it down on the corner of my work table. When I bent over to throw some wood...
  10. Polarbearboy

    What's Going on with Vape shops?

    I went to order something from Sneaky Pete...and the store was closed, it said to move their warehouse. Then I went to Puffitup, and they were closed without explanation. Anyone know what's goin' on? Or want to speculate? Is this related to the anti-vaping mail thing somehow?
  11. Polarbearboy

    Very Funny Stoner Seth Rogen NYT Story

    Modnote: Merged into existing thread. :) I had no idea. Very funny article about actor, potter, pot-head Seth Rogen. Many will relate to this, though someone needs to talk to Seth...
  12. Polarbearboy

    Best Cheap Spinner Cap

    Looking for a reasonably priced spinner cap that will make my balls go round and round. I see a few that look fine, but so often there are negative comments. I'm looking for one that I don't have to twirl. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. Polarbearboy

    10mm fitting to smooth: Where to find

    I'm trying to hookup my big bubbler to one of my other bubblers that has a banger--I need the cooling/filtering. I've got a large box of spare parts, pieces scavenged from former vapes, etc. But none of the pieces fit that mouthpiece. The best so far is sticking the fairly large diameter .5"...
  14. Polarbearboy

    Vaping Before Noon

    Back in the late 60s I spent six months living on a beach in Mexico. My closest buddy there, an anti-war draftee deserter, and I slept on the beach nearly every night. In the morning before he'd even get out of his sleeping bag, he'd light a j and offer it to me. Later, after going back to...
  15. Polarbearboy

    Scorched Banger Cleaning

    Yesterday my new Rio arrived. First time I've ever used a banger--what fun. But I put too much shatter in and then burned it when I reheated--it was like my fifth or sixth dab of the afternoon/evening. Dry qtips were easily cleaning out the residue until that point. I let some iso sit in the...
  16. Polarbearboy

    Why No Ultrasonic Vapes?

    As we head into woodheat season here in the far north, I've grown tired of winter dry heat bloody noses and finally bought myself a humidifier. In the process I learned that there are three basic types of humidifier: Wicked evaporation, steam via heat, and mist via ultrasonic vibrator, with the...
  17. Polarbearboy

    Making Concentrates Edible

    Back in mid March, when the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions began, I went on a buying spree before the adult use stores were closed in the next state, and so have a stock of multiple kinds of shatter, wax, sauce, crystals, crumble, etc., as well as a small amount of excellent flower...
  18. Polarbearboy

    Big Story About High Times Hard Times

    Big long-form story about High Times in Politico magazine online.
  19. Polarbearboy

    Can RSO be vaped?

    I've got a bunch of commercial high quality RSO that I got to do with edibles when I had a cold last fall. Excellent high THC stuff, but I don't enjoy edibles that much, so now its just sitting there. Can I vape it? Is it safe? I'd probably use my Sai with a coil bucket unless someone has...
  20. Polarbearboy

    Cannabis chips

    Just got back from the store, where I discovered Let There Be Hemp grain-free chips. Primary ingredient is ground up hemp seeds. I'm eating one now. There like slightly odd taco chips. They don't get you high, but are still fun for those of us who enjoy all things cannabis.
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