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  1. Spacenstein

    Should i trade vapes?

    Athos, Aramis, Porthos?
  2. Spacenstein

    Battery Vapor Genie

    Congrats Tweek! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about it when you get it!
  3. Spacenstein


    Thanks OF! sorry im just anxious to get one of these haha.. VG changed the aluminum pipe bottom recently to be smaller but heavier.. afaik.. but 7 ozs? that thing is classy! So when you polish it, it turns into a copper color.. not red or green or w/e.. i'd prefer it more like that
  4. Spacenstein


    Does anyone know if you can remove the matallic patina and be left with a clean copper color? is the bowl any deeper than standard bowls?? how long is the pipe from their furthest ends? heavier than aluminum pipe (and which version of the bottom)?
  5. Spacenstein

    Battery Vapor Genie

    Hello Egzo! I won't comment on the materials it's made from.. but I've never had a VG model get more than warm on me. (with proper technique)
  6. Spacenstein

    Battery Vapor Genie

    btw i think you nailed the steampunk style design... itll look perfect with some wear and tear, same with the new bronze one
  7. Spacenstein

    Battery Vapor Genie

    AA VG box and battery VG battery and box VG powered box VG deluxe VG
  8. Spacenstein

    Battery Vapor Genie

    +1 for the vaporwiene hahaha AA box VG AA maple VG (if you provide different woods or..) maple VG
  9. Spacenstein

  10. Spacenstein

    Electric vaporizer suitable for concentrates..

    You can vape concentrates in most vapes with the right technique and patience. Although, the Essential VAAAPP and h20 were made for oils, hashes, and concentrates-- it is not electric/digital and does need a flame to be used, but that flame never reaches the airpath. For use with the volcano...
  11. Spacenstein

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of vaping bud?

    One disadvantage to vaping, compared to smoking, is that your high will diminish once you've eaten something.
  12. Spacenstein

    Vape with best temperature accuracy?

    Am I blind? Max just noted it does have the temperatures on the dial.. and in that picture.. you can see it starts with OFF, then 250, 300, 350, 400.. with notches inbetween.
  13. Spacenstein

    Clogged Metal VG Bat

    I donno how bad it's clogged. I would go with an iso wash over night, then use a torch lighter to hit it empty a few times. Soot clogs usually go away just over time, but thats with good cleaning care of the rest of the unit. (So, iso wash + take a few blank hits using a torch)
  14. Spacenstein

    Clogged Metal VG Bat

    Torch it.
  15. Spacenstein

    What would happen if? . .

    I also do not understand the question.. but vapor bonging through the same water over and over will cause oil to collect on the surface of the water. (especially with oils) It's only in water, so a simple filter will collect it, or you can ingest it.
  16. Spacenstein

    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    I think three of those videos are mine. Go to: If you are still regarding to me, when mentioning over packed bowls, I don't believe I over packed in any of the videos I uploaded. I weighed out .03gs of plant matter and ended up packing maybe 5/6ths of the herb into...
  17. Spacenstein

    Vape with best temperature accuracy?
  18. Spacenstein

    Arizer Solo

    Looks awesome! Any videos available? Other details? Expected price range?
  19. Spacenstein

    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    I meant to say.. 'It's no longer for sale- what was I thinking?' Haha. I'm very happy with my Lotus still. Although, I have an update- The original single flame lighter that came with the Lotus is finally crapping out on me, it went through about 400ml of butane and about 4 months of constant...
  20. Spacenstein

    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    For some reason I put my Lotus up for sale. I don't know why. I love this thing. Still my one and only vape.
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