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  1. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    I sent an e-mail your way Tom. :D
  2. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Wow I won! I am super excited. Sorry I haven't been to the forum in a while guys.
  3. wowthisisrandom

    Wilfred - TV comedy (vaporizer mentioned)

    I just starting watching it. It's right up my alley and hilarious! Thanks for the recommendation. FX has some pretty good shows now. Louie, Wilfred, Its always sunny... It's a good year for comedy. The new season of Curb starts tonight too!
  4. wowthisisrandom

    Why in God's name do dogs roll in shit?

    Lol this reminds me of when my dog was just a puppy. We were worried about him being alone in our house by himself so we put him in a crate. I was gone all day but when I got back he had shit all in his crate. He had rolled all around in it and of course since I was the first one home I got the...
  5. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Wow Milk that is really pretty. From what your saying though it almost sounds like the bees are getting wasted on the nectar! :lol:
  6. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Don't worry Tom it's not blocked. It's not used often but I still love to break out the bar when I'm trying to get some Van Halen style effects or some Hendrix style dive bombs. :brow: Today's submission: the PD next to some fresh stuff I picked up a few days ago.
  7. wowthisisrandom

    Fuck Combustion; A Lesson From Uncle Vito

    Hahah I know what you mean man. I've had friends who took gigantic vapor clouds through some water filtration and be like "I think I'm going to die". Lol can't really say I've ever experienced that myself though.
  8. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Today's submission: two of my very prized possessions. Welcome to the family Doobage!
  9. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Pic of the day, a documentary I have really been enjoying
  10. wowthisisrandom

    Did Shakespeare toke?

    Well if they do the exhumation I hope that it says he did smoke pot. It would be funny to know that he did. It also would show that you can be very smart and creative and still smoke.
  11. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Today's submission Not a submission but just thought I'd share this:
  12. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Alex Wallis that truly is a bummer. You hit the nail on the head Tom. Today's pic..
  13. wowthisisrandom

    Value for $$

    As a person who has experienced a crappy knock-off box and has also experienced the higher end vaporizers I will give you my opinion. It sort-of seems useless now, but I feel it would be good to comment since I have experienced both. Firstly, the digital displays on these boxes is crap. It is...
  14. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Today's pic
  15. wowthisisrandom

    The Curb Your Enthusiasm Thread

    The Ida Funkhouser roadside memorial episode. The ending was so priceless.
  16. wowthisisrandom

    getting rid of toxins at 202 C (395 F)

    Even if you were able to vape out the benzene as you go higher and higher other toxins besides benzene start to come out. Besides, like HeMe Bebop said most vaporizers will not vaporize until you inhale through them.
  17. wowthisisrandom

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Some aromatherapy action
  18. wowthisisrandom

    Who wears sunglasses all the time?

    A fellow curb fan? I applaud your good taste in comedy.
  19. wowthisisrandom

    Who wears sunglasses all the time?

    To be honest sunglasses inside only makes it more obvious someone's stoned. I mean what other reasons would you have for wearing them inside (other than the one lwien stated).
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