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  1. Spacenstein

    Who likes Seinfeld?

    Post here if you like Seinfeld! :) Maybe mention a favorite episode or something, too!
  2. Spacenstein

    Collecting Marijuana?

    I want to collect many different strains and crosses of marijuana. My plan is to visit different areas and pickup 7-8 grams of each good strain I come by. I figure I'd like to visit Amsterdam, Canada, and lots of places within the US to purchase a bunch of strains. I know it'll be expensive, but...
  3. Spacenstein

    How do YOU conserve your bud?

    Anyone who medicates wants to know how to get the most out of their bud.. I thought I'd make a thread where we can post our tips and tricks that help with conserving bud. Post anything that you think would be helpful! # The biggest thing I do to conserve bud is... increasing temperature when...
  4. Spacenstein

    Tolerance with edibles?

    I'd like to purchase a large amount of medicine and make 200 or so edibles and go on an all edible diet. Would this cause my tolerance to sky rocket? I'd like to use one-two edibles, and vape zero-one PD stem, a day. The edibles would be made from .8g-1g of mid-grade medicine if that has...
  5. Spacenstein

    Sell your electronics!

    (forewarning: moderators, if i am out of line (regarding the rules of this forum) please delete) SELL YOUR ELECTRONICS! ....deleted.... mod note: Regarding the rules- I think it's pretty clear that the forum isn't a free version of eBay. No selling or soliciting items on the forum.
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