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  1. PersonDude

    Water Pipe Attachment for the V3 Pro?

    Hi Everybody! I'm lowkey getting addicted to water pipes and now I wanna see if I can use a WPA for my V3 Pro but there doesn't seem to be one made for it like there is with the Starry. Am I able to use the V2 Pro's WPA? What do you use?
  2. PersonDude

    How many hits do you do in a session? Is Nursing Okay??

    Idk why but I get self consious about how much or how little I vape. I've recently found that with my WPA I feel like I have to nurse with the Starry over the course of a 10 minute session to get the amount of action I want and I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to do to get the most out...
  3. PersonDude

    Stupid Question! Is it Okay to Drink Vape Water in a Water Piece?

    Okay, so I've looked this up and I saw articles saying you shouldn't but that was aimed at combustion based smoking off a bong. Is vape water any more or less safe than bong water from smoking?
  4. PersonDude

    Just Started Vaping through a Water Piece!! What's Your Favorite Vape to use with a Water Piece?

    Hi everybody! Newby's back in town and I just took several hits from my wpa! I'm rocking the Starry the Xmax V3 Pro right now but vaping through water kicks so much ass I wanna jazz about getting one that's supposed to be Real Good for water pipes! So what do y'all think? What's your favorite...
  5. PersonDude

    Totally New to Flower and Dry Herb Vaping! What Can I Expect Switching From Oil Cartridges?

    Hi everybody! I've been vaping oil cartridges for the last few months as my intro to weed. There's a lot to enjoy about it and initially what I was interested in was the relatively cheap price point for a good quality rig (Yocan Uni Pro babey!!) and how there was little to no clean up process...
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