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    Guitars, good homes needed

    Electric Guitars
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    Guitars, good homes needed

    So I have several guitars made by a good fellow in England. They play fantastic, and are very well made. Trouble is, I can only play 1 guitar (poorly) at a time. I need to find homes for these 2 beauties. I am happy to let the guitars go to a good cause for no charge. It would not hurt my...
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    How to change wattage in Ni mode of Vaporesso swag mod?

    Good to hear you got it figured out and it suits your needs.
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Thanks Shitty, I knew you would have a hookup.
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Looking for a 14mm stem for the TM. I have several 18mm from the RBT days, but can't seem to find 14mm. Thanks for any advice. I forgot about Ed's, any others out there?
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    Completed Xmax V3 Pro

    Free to a good home is a V3 pro in new condition. Please be willing to contribute $15 for shipping. Please have more than 50 posts and be in the Conus. Thanks for lookin', and Thanks FC!
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    Well Shitty, I hope the stank fades for you.....I am going to gift away my V3 and most likely snag one of these beasts. If you don't want that smelly thang, you know where to send it brother.
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    Anvil by Vestratto

    Just got the 'rona myself and I have found the Anvil to be assisting my recovery. Stay rested and hydrated, and high if your body lets you......
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    Custom capsules

    Thanks @shredder, I have made caps with bergamot essential oil and Kanna combined with cannabis for treating depressive symptoms. They work well, but I am still titrating the amount of Kanna since too much tends to flip depressive to mania..... I have been making psilocybin/cannabis microdose...
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    Divine Tribe atty's

    @DJ Colonel Corn you sir are a tease. That flatop hybrid matrix whatever is kickass! Just waiting around for more info on that sweetness.....
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    Just a few more reviews and I am ready to jump in.
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    Divine Tribe atty's

    Have you thought about adding the polished sic dish to the equation?
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    Divine Tribe atty's

    I have been using the green, with 2 preheats. Very good flavor, virtually nothing left in the dish. Lowest setting gives best flavor, low vapor production. Great little machine.
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    Divine Tribe atty's

    Just received the Core 2.0 with the polished Sic dish insert. Top shelf flavor, ease of use, and cleaning. I have a bent neck glass replacement on the way from a different distributor, hope it fits. Matt really knocked it out of the park with this tight little package. Great work!
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    Completed SS IO, Ti IO

    Free to a good home : SS IO fully functional Ti IO fully functional Custom leather carry case Delta3d loading funnel Delta3d filling stand 3 magnetic charging cords Standard front end Performance front end 3 new batteries with zero use, Delta3d battery sleeve included Zam grinder Conus only...
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    Saionara Atomizer thread

    Thanks Shitty, I will repost my offer. I thought she already had a Sic. @~Elizabeth~ I have a V4.5 Sic dish on top of a Swag temp controlled mod that is yours if it will suit your needs. No charge, I don't use this device. It works very well with temp control and is easy to keep clean.
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    Saionara Atomizer thread

    pls dlt, I should pay better attention when reading while elevated.
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    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    Just received my Prodigy, and test drove it. I thought I had good lung capacity, but with the water at half full there is no way I can clear the can. I used the Anvil to test it, and the diffusion is fantastic. The B2 will be sitting on this piece full time. Great work! IDB......I will happily...
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    Negative Feedback

    There is no cause for concern, the Lotus is on its way. I have included a founder's edition Anvil as well at no cost.
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