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  1. JSteez4205

    Concentrates on a Plane

    Till I see what's loaded &/or spent, I will be under the assumption they were vaping some kind of legal herb.. and just making a video for "likes" on the interweb.. Maybe not, maybe there really are people that just don't give a Fck what could happen!?
  2. JSteez4205

    Concentrates on a Plane

    I've flown domestically a decent amount recently and have ONLY ever seen dogs in the ATL airport when I was switching planes to make a connection. That being said I Never have flown with concentrates, but I ALWAYS fly with edibles that generally smell pretty strongly of weed(homemade gummies)...
  3. JSteez4205

    Doughboy Glass

    Bro.. Your & Your Lady's melt vids on IG are wayyyy tooooo sick!! If you are the same CubanGrower that has CubanHashQueen as wifey.. I Love checking out the Vids and seeing the growth of your garden.. and watching GarageGrow420 as he tries to master your techniques of Dry-Sift Full melts...
  4. JSteez4205

    Austin City Limits

    Making this thread in hopes of contacting fellow FC fam in the Austin Texas area that will be in town and around for Austin City Limits?!?! My girlfriend and I are coming for the second weekend of the festival which is October 10-12. Have never been to Austin before but have heard numerous...
  5. JSteez4205

    Could I use this recipe to make abv infused gummies?

    I just recently got finished making some gummies out of finely ground ABV/Soy lecithin granules.. I didn't cure, just covered in two different types of oil (enough to cover it but not an excessive amount, didn't want too much oil to mix with the water and jello/gelatin mixture) I Mixed a 6oz box...
  6. JSteez4205

    Earl Jr Glass

    I have a 10mm EarlJr as well. I have used my enail with it only a couple times. My piece is smaller than a lighter tho(the EarlJr) and I have to use a 10mmF-18mmM drop down that I balance on one of my KGB donut pendants to keep the weight leveled. If the Micron is te size I have and what you...
  7. JSteez4205

    EarlJr mini internal recycler

    Hello FC community! Up for grabs is my EarlJr pocket sized internal recycler. Purchased from the man himself.. Saw it on IG and direct messaged him for it. Includes the 14mm dome that came with it. Upon receiving I noticed a slight scratch/crack in the sandblasted signature. Never contacted...
  8. JSteez4205

    Novelty / themed Bongs

    Me too.. Saw that KGB x Mr grey x Bates mason on IG after Donut Fest in Maine.. Shit is sick! As well as everything else that came out of Donut Fest Danny Camp x KGB mummy collab Beak x KGB collab tube (Beak does awesome honeycomb work) And 3 KGB x Dave Colton collabs (Colton does a lot of...
  9. JSteez4205

    Recycler bub, torch, HE dual Ti dome less, quartz nail

    Up for FREE is a little recycler bub I picked up errlier this wkend upon arriving to Denver, the vortex isn't spectacular and there is a small crack in the glass by the joint(14mm) that does not affect function. Honestly the bubbler isn't anything spectacular but I needed a rig while I was...
  10. JSteez4205

    I'm in downtown DENVER for the weekend!!

    I'm in downtown DENVER for the weekend!!
  11. JSteez4205

    Glass storage?

    Love my pelican.. Just got a free one with my last glass purchase.. Here is my first pelican case that holds my Danny Camp x KGBglass Donut Mummy and accessories.. Even fits a little donut chillum in top right for my GF the combuster..
  12. JSteez4205

    Cory Glass Designs re/incyclers - high function and affordable?

    Take a pic with the IG app and it lets you have option to post to your followers or directly to someone specific.. There is a little white mailbox in top right of IG app if you are using a smartphone that you can also use to DM someone like an artist on IG.. It helps if they follow you though...
  13. JSteez4205

    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    Yes very loud piece. Most definitely the loudest in my collection. The sound of the glass marble and the overall machine gun like sound make it a crazy piece to hit. Dabs with the enail or paired with the Cloud+ it give great flavor!
  14. JSteez4205

    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    Added to my Donut collection recently thanks to a tip from @clouded vision on IG.. It's a Steve Bates x Worm x KGBglass collab Donut Diffusion Tube. Awesome piece for flavor and smooth hits.. Love it!
  15. JSteez4205

    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    Got it from the man himself.. saw it on his IG page and Direct Messaged him for a price. I said it was my 3rd EarlJr, but it's actually my 4th piece by him if I include the pendant I picked up off him from an IG auction.. Dude's real nice to deal with and his pieces function amazingly!!
  16. JSteez4205

    Glass and Milkshot Video Thread

    Waterfunction/Milkshot of my new Earl Jr mini klein.. piece bubbles/rips like no other. Water is almost impossible to get in your mouth with this design
  17. JSteez4205

    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    Picked up this 14mm frosted mini tube when I went into lhs a couple weeks ago shopping for blasting screens.. has a nice little implosion marble on it & the dome had some nice double maria look to it. Function wise, it's a nice little chugger. This came in the mail yesterday.. it's my...
  18. JSteez4205

    Glass and Milkshot Video Thread

    Sorry for back-2-back posts but here's another short video I just shot and edited of my New Mobius Matrix Ion.. Love the smaller size can compared to my clear.. Better for holding, the Clear is a better table piece in my opinion
  19. JSteez4205

    Glass and Milkshot Video Thread

    Haven't made or posted a vid in a while.. here's a short one of me dunking a dab off the Beer Glass Green Spore Rig
  20. JSteez4205

    Positive Feedback

    Seller: @mlo4sho Buyer: Me Description of Item: Mobius Matrix Ion Cost of Item: $270 Shipping Time: Fast and used USPS which I prefer as I can pick up at PO(if missed) whenever I have time.. Rating: 5/5 Comments: Was a good transaction, quick, and communicated well. I am very happy with my new...
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