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  1. JSteez4205

    Austin City Limits

    Making this thread in hopes of contacting fellow FC fam in the Austin Texas area that will be in town and around for Austin City Limits?!?! My girlfriend and I are coming for the second weekend of the festival which is October 10-12. Have never been to Austin before but have heard numerous...
  2. JSteez4205

    EarlJr mini internal recycler

    Hello FC community! Up for grabs is my EarlJr pocket sized internal recycler. Purchased from the man himself.. Saw it on IG and direct messaged him for it. Includes the 14mm dome that came with it. Upon receiving I noticed a slight scratch/crack in the sandblasted signature. Never contacted...
  3. JSteez4205

    Recycler bub, torch, HE dual Ti dome less, quartz nail

    Up for FREE is a little recycler bub I picked up errlier this wkend upon arriving to Denver, the vortex isn't spectacular and there is a small crack in the glass by the joint(14mm) that does not affect function. Honestly the bubbler isn't anything spectacular but I needed a rig while I was...
  4. JSteez4205

    Separating kief ABV from flower ABV

    I have started to solely use my MFLB for vaping kief. I have been just adding the vaped kief into my stash of flower abv. I was curious if anyone out there keeps their concentrate abv Seperate from their flower abv. And if so, do you prefer to use the different ABV's for different purposes...
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