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  1. turk

    Gear Parchment paper brands and qualities for rosin pressing

    ...another vote for Costco’s Kirkland brand.
  2. turk

    What’s your favorite poker/stirrer/scoop, etc.? the tools delta3dstudios has...good stuff.
  3. turk

    Volcano Hybrid

    ...storz and Bickel are correct, that hose is only good for a couple of weeks no matter what cleaning method you use...I change when the color changes...which is usually 2 weeks...even though I use other desktops.
  4. turk

    Any good Netflixxing going on? somewhere that the hurricanes experienced in that part of the country really messed with production people had other commitments. With the delays...I also thought that youngest brother was constantly whining..the one with the drug habit..
  5. turk

    Too much weed?

    ...been using weed since 1967...never really had a problem finding any...maybe because I always have lived in cities?..besides college which I went I was always able to “cop”...(what we called it back than) for me legalization hasn’t changed much on that...
  6. turk

    Volcano Hybrid

    ...starting to get into the work flow stuff..for me it requires bag use...starting to appreciate the bag experience..
  7. turk

    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape

    ...another great Sunday with the d-cup and some 3 kings rosin..cheers everyone.:wave:
  8. turk

    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape

    ..yep...although it’s still good...just recognized you changed your avatar on the phrase in your new one..
  9. turk

    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape know I had the obsidian 1st...I didn’t believe anything could beat it..(taste wise)...I was so wrong...
  10. turk

    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape

    ..its really hard taking the sapphire off...but the obsidian feels....neglected
  11. turk

    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    ...been really getting into the glass bowls with the flowerpot..didn’t think it would be a big deal is.
  12. turk

    Volcano Hybrid

    ...yeah.. herb gets out what...I never open the chamber until I’m finished anyways..not that big a deal..believe me I’ve spilled more than that...through the years..
  13. turk

    Volcano Hybrid

    ...never been a big fan of micro dosing...I do have the reducer though...I just put herb in there...sans capsule.
  14. turk

    Volcano Hybrid

    ...never been a fan of the capsules...have them, never use them...starting to appreciate the bags though..finally after 10 years.
  15. turk

    Volcano Hybrid firmware update dropped..
  16. turk

    Best personal Rosin press

    ...recently purchased nugsmasher xp....very..very..happy.
  17. turk

    Milaana 3

    ...thanks Ryan, looking forward to with all your products...peace.
  18. turk

    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape

    ..hey brother still using terp balls ( i have soooo many, not just from newvape , but dnail and Greek glass too!’s all so confusing...but fun too..
  19. turk

    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape my man...doing rosin too..I can get down to 435-440 with rosin...shatter @ I love that sapphire flavorful.
  20. turk

    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    ...always appreciate the folks who take the time to do the I’m too fucking high..will toke one for you.
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