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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    I got the other tree frog last week and I’m blown away. So happy with my purchase. Looks like vgoodeez still has one tree frog and one autumn left in the vapbong section and one plum jelly OAB left as well.
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    I've got an air core cherry dog that has been running almost nonstop for a few years. Recently the o ring wore away and broke off. I miss using my glass stems and wondering what I should do
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    Multi-brand HEALTHY RIPS FURY

    No I take it out. I also don’t put it in until heated.
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    Multi-brand HEALTHY RIPS FURY

    My WPA seems looser now then a few months ago when it was new.
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