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    Herborizer Ti or Cloud Connoisseur Halo for clumsy and safety-paranoid guy?

    So... Decision time! I first had a TetraX, but it never worked properly (power would drop to nearly 0 watts) and I combusted once or twice while fiddling with resistance values, etc. I also didn't like having to deal with charging batteries and worrying about leaving them at 100% for too long...
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    Arizer Air MAX

    Spotted on Reddit! According to 420edc:
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    Log (Heat Island, etc.) versus Tetra P80 / Tinymight?

    How does a log like the Heat Island compare to the Tetra P80 or the Tinymight? Some context: I currently use a Crafty+ and love its ease of use and consistency (big clouds with fresh capsules!). However, I don't like is that it's a session vape and I'm always anxious about the herb getting...
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    NV 4-piece stainless steel grinder

    Has anyone tried this grinder? Apparently it's "designed in Austria" and much cheaper than other stainless steel grinders I've seen online like the Roiel Crown, Lift Grinder, Herb Ripper, or even the Black Leaf Steely Dan:
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    Tafée Bowle

    Just came across this vape from a Canadian company that Jorge (the MiniVAP founder) is collaborating with: Is anyone familiar with it? Looks quite original and more "consumer friendly" than most others. :cool: Apparently,
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    Mighty vs TETRA P80 (or Tinymight)?

    Hi, How does the Mighty compare to the TETRA P80 (or Tinymight)? I keep reading wonders about the latter and tried to but the P80 yesterday, but these artisan vapes are almost impossible to get. Surprisingly, I saw that Troy (420vapezone) still considers the Mighty to be his top vape even...
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