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  1. DennisFlonasal

    Anvil Ordering & Shipping

    that blue is gorgeous, I would have gotten that color if I didn't already have too many blue vapes and accessories lol mine should be here today I am excited
  2. DennisFlonasal

    Anvil Ordering & Shipping

    finally let me see the updated delivery date and it's also the 4th, RIP. now we wait
  3. DennisFlonasal

    Anvil Ordering & Shipping

    yeayea, ordered at like 12;08 on that Sunday, received the shipping label notification but no movement whatsoever
  4. DennisFlonasal

    Anvil by Vestratto

    this is one of the main draws to the Anvil to me, mindless repeatable big hits, have to be perfect with your technique to get the same hit with a dynavap repeatedly
  5. DennisFlonasal

    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    Elden Ring has me spending 4.5 hours running around the same square mile trying to beat a group of enemies or a catacomb, so easy to get distracted and ask wtf you have been doing all night
  6. DennisFlonasal

    Anvil by Vestratto

    did the same in anticipation for my anvil, seems like the best option as far as ergonomics are concerned and seems to have a decent tank size
  7. DennisFlonasal

    Anvil Ordering & Shipping

    boy have I got a surprise for you
  8. DennisFlonasal

    Does vaping through water reduce potency / effects?

    objectively speaking I think water for sure cools better than without, on the flavor side, water definitely reduces it IMO
  9. DennisFlonasal

    Condo just sent entire building no smoking violation. Not sure if they talking about me but I'm worried. Should I stop vaping or take a break?

    I lean towards this, i recieved a letter on my door last year as did the whole building, was worded very similarly to this one. I definitely panicked for a few days but after realizing the lady in 1C literally smoked cigarettes in her apartment I concluded that had to be the situation
  10. DennisFlonasal

    THC urine test , weird

    I don't know much about synthetic, don't some tests pick up on that?
  11. DennisFlonasal

    THC urine test , weird

    telling you bro! hardest thing he had time with was finding someone with clean pee lmao
  12. DennisFlonasal

    THC urine test , weird

    this ad was brought to you by; the Whizzinator! (buddy of mine used one twice with perfect success)
  13. DennisFlonasal

    Ranger IH Induction Heater

    'Daily google sweep' you are appreciated
  14. DennisFlonasal

    FlameCube -Fire driven power bank

    that is cool as shit
  15. DennisFlonasal

    Portables vs Desktop Poll (daily usage)

    this should be pretty even I would think
  16. DennisFlonasal

    The Toad from Morwood

    best thread on this site, as corny as it sounds I truly feel lucky to be a part of it. keep posting those pics!!!
  17. DennisFlonasal

    Dynavap VapCap

    the M gives me trouble and slips around bc big hands but it isn't enough of an issue for me to get something specific
  18. DennisFlonasal

    Vapor from Mighty hurts my throat. Do I need a bubbler attachment?

    in my experience the stock mouthpiece on the Mighty does an ok job of cooling the vapor, sometimes it gets me coughing but I am pretty used to it at this point, I would say try one of the dimple stems first (before you mess with water and having to clean a bubbler attachment), just a thought!
  19. DennisFlonasal

    When shopping for new devices, are you most interested in better flavor, or stronger effects?

    interesting perspective, I can definitely vibe with that but my patience claims otherwise sometimes lol adding to what others have said, I am in search of a huge rip but not at the expense of flavor, think there is a fine balance to be struck for most but I would say I lean towards MOAR CLOWDS
  20. DennisFlonasal

    Firewood Vaporizer

    interesting point, I usually feel the opposite thinking I will never get the current edition
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