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  1. vakedcow

    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    thank you for your answers :) I shall treat mine with extra care then from now ! I will check the thread for the silicon tubes and also have a look at the elev8r. again, thnx all :love: Vape on!
  2. vakedcow

    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    High fellow supreme lovers :) still rocking my supreme 2 as a mainly used vape ;) wanted to get a newer model / backup and some replacement parts but finding the website out of stock the last few weeks, do you guys have any info or updates on the situation? thanks and vape on
  3. vakedcow

    The Magic-Flight Box

    High all, just rejoned the magic flight club wit an Muad-dib and having problems finding a PA in Europe. Just read about the 510 mod and wanted to ask for links to details or explanations please. Tried the search but forum hit me with : The following words were not included in your search...
  4. vakedcow

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I just use the air stems, they are 14mm :)
  5. vakedcow

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    on top of the stem, example video:
  6. vakedcow

    Insta Heat (aka iHeat)

    Very intresting, re-apllied for a spot on the list :)
  7. vakedcow

    desk workers: standing

    rebuilding an old desk to a standing solution, I found it so much better for the IBS tummy also :D
  8. vakedcow

    Looking for the most efficient, "bong-like" Vape

    High, as owner of an Evo, Log Vapes and a Supreme I think I would also suggest you the Supreme from what you are describing (craving hits again after certain time) and the similarity to my expirience. The Supreme gives me a deep Bong like hit satisfaction where the other two options also give...
  9. vakedcow

    Where to get Solo Stems and filters?

    High, I suggest you PlanetVape, they have a great choice of stems and matching screens in variuos mesh sizes with perfect fit for Solo screens (when used as dome or with slight trimming) : enjoy your Solo's
  10. vakedcow

    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    indeed, I also find it much more easy to handle for my finicky fingers with the 18 to 14 reducer :D
  11. vakedcow

    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    I'm sure this will be as great as all other pieces I got fom Ed :tup: :D :love:
  12. vakedcow

    Auber Instruments RDK200 e-nail

    Still love and use mine :D
  13. vakedcow

    Auber Instruments RDK200 e-nail

    I use both, the 200 and 300 without converter but with the special 220 V version coil they sell :D But I guess if you want to use it with 110 Volt coils you will need one :2c:
  14. vakedcow

    Vaporbrothers 2.5

    I couldn't find any details about the device's voltage operating range on the website. could anybody confirm its 100 - 240 V and ready for a 220 V / 50 Hz power network or if it has been tested with downsteppers? thanks
  15. vakedcow

    Discontinued Sublimator XLR

    Was able to aquire a used sub xlr 2 (apollo) from a friendly member here. As anticipated and expected it hits like a beast, I find myself loving the low temp area (yellow, 1 to 4 lights depending on strain and herb) for the flowers. I had a flu virus the last few days and was happily surprised...
  16. vakedcow

    Discontinued Zion vaporizer

    From my expirience only EU member countries have this problems, so luckily not all international shipments should be affected. :D
  17. vakedcow

    Massdrop Sales

    "Since launching the first vaping drop nearly two years ago, we have spent countless hours working to build and improve the vaping community on Massdrop. However, due to the current landscape both domestically and internationally, we are unable to provide the vaping community a level of service...
  18. vakedcow

    Age of the FC Community plus a lot of nostalgia

    age shall bring wisdom I was told... :D
  19. vakedcow

    Massdrop Sales

    After a click look on the pic I waved it off as their common comercial jingle, ie new teeth design compared to traditonal grinders. But then again ... I could be so totally wrong on this, that would be faszinating :D
  20. vakedcow

    Discontinued Zion vaporizer

    Sweet, hidden pre order perks... almost like an easter egg or did I only miss that those were lifetime warranty before ? :D Quite sure the follow up beta was hidden :D
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