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2017 M // Crafty // Simrell Vortex // Woodscents // Tinymight // Nova // Tubo Evic


Chronologically: 2017 Dynavap M, DaVinci Miqro (sold), Sticky Brick Jr (sold)., Fury Edge (sold), Crafty (sold), Ghost MV1 (sold), pre production TM (gifted), Ed's TNT Bog Oak Set (needs heater replacement), Lotus (sold), tubo (sold), TP80, SSV43 (sold), Mighty (sold), Supreme v3.5 modded, SBR (sold), another tinymight, Nomad II ordered, SBHM, vapman classic, 2022 Omni, vapman boxwood, RiO, Vapbong (needs repair), Highlighter, B-2, Anvil, B-0, Airvape Legacy Pro, Mighty+, z8, Italian Lotus, screwball (otw)



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