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    Digital Scales... Prices and Quality... Recommendations?

    I've had a positive experience with this inexpensive scale. Surprisingly good accuracy and precision with little to no drifting. The price drops to $12 once in a while.
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    The FC GIF Thread!

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    The FC GIF Thread!

    GIPHY integration. Now in the post editor. Just press the GIF button.
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    Recent Upgrade Changes

    I'd be happy to edit your photo so that they fit. :) Additionally you could add a big photo as your profile banner which is also shown in user cards - try hovering over/tapping my username. GIPHY integration in now available. Just press the GIF icon in the post editor toolbar. Have fun. :D
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    Recent Upgrade Changes

    We've just upgraded to the newest version of our forum software. There are some cool features that we'll be rolling out soon including GIPHY integration into the post editor so you'll have the largest library of GIFs available when creating a post. Speaking of the post editor, it has been...
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    Grav vs High Standard or others

    @Kins The forum rules actually do require members to post with a certain amount of respect and civility. It makes this a nicer place for everyone. If you want to get into geopolitical discussion, those rules are especially important. Such issues are more complicated than they might seem. I...
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Guys, please. The issue is well known by now. A page of back and forth isn't helping it, or the thread.
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    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    If you want to civilly discuss the driving issue there are a number of threads where it's the topic. Here's the longest one. Please don't do it in this thread. :peace:
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Negative experiences/opinions are welcome and appreciated here so long as you abide by the forum rules, especially our Be Nice rules. Pigeonholing members who have positive opinions of the product as "fanboys" in a pejorative sense will likely just work against you considering the majority of...
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    TinyMight Ordering & Shipping Thread

    Sorry if you felt threatened by my post. Definitely not the intention. @Stu isn't as mean as me anyway. :D The forum rules do clearly state that "Use of the forum to blackmail companies will not be tolerated.". More detail in the Be Nice section. After numerous posts in this thread were...
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    COVID-19 News

    We could talk about all of the problems with this, but it would be off topic for this thread and really just inappropriate for the site in general. It would be great if we could steer this thread away from personal opinions, links from political sites/blogs and instead focus on actual...
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    Suggestion: First post for a specific vaporizer must contain image or link

    We can definitely add photos to OPs when needed. :)
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    InVerzion Vaporizer

    Hate to do this ZC, but you can't go around calling members shills, trashing vapes (still counts in a different thread) and generally ignoring our Be Nice rules. I've sent you 2 private messages explaining this recently. This time it's going to be a warning point/vacation. Please use the time to...
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    High Five - Duo E-Rig

    If you have evidence of this you can contact me. Please don't make accusations like this in threads. As was said, it's normal for members to be enthusiastic about products that they enjoy using.
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    Terp Torch

    This thread is moving along quickly. That's usually a good sign. :) For the sake of the people reading the thread in the future, please try to keep it on topic when possible. Constructive criticism is fine, but all members must be treated in a respectful and adult manner. I will reach out...
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