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Portables: Airvape Legacy Pro,Anvil,Hopper IO,Tafée Bowle,Dotleaf, Arizer Solo, Arizer Air II, Tetra P80, MFLB, Piro, Airvape Legacy, Splinter, Milaana 1.5, Milaana 3, Tinymight, Ghost Mv1, Grasshopper Ti, Sticky Brick Runt/junior, Mighty, Vapman, Pax 1/2, Xmax v2 Pro, FlowerMate V5 Mini

Wax Rigs:Daab, Beta DTv5, DTv4 W/Polished SiC, Rio Rig in One.

Desktops:Mini Black Opal One Arm Bandit, Mini CC Atlas, Obsidian VapBong, Amboyna Burl Woodscents, SSV43

Dynavap: Omni21, Vong21, Simrell Vortex, Joe King Omni xl, OmniVong, M17-M20, BB9, Eds tnt curled Koa body, Dynatec Apollo 2, Flux Deluxe, Mistvape Beast,
Instrument Technician


Daily Rotation| Mini OAB, Daab, Tinymight, Mini CC Atlas, DtV5 Beta,



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