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    Underdog Log Vapes

    That's generous of you Dave! @tom battleboar @underdog Please let me know when you want to run the contest so I can help set it up in the contests section. We like to keep contests out of vape threads. Thanks. :peace:
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    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    +1 for me. :nod: :peace:
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    Need Help, No Menu Icons

    Try clicking the Toggle BB Code icon if it's still lit. :peace:
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    DaVinci IQC

    When a vape is available to the general public we will move the thread to the portables section. It's currently on a limited release. I've already discussed this with DaVinci and they understand. :peace:
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    The ELEV8R from 7th Floor

    Yeah. Although I only stirred once as I cached the bowl in two big (for me) rips. I think there's a tool people have posted about in the thread that allows you to remove the heater safely. Silicone coated lab clamps of some sort. :peace:
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    The ELEV8R from 7th Floor

    Sounds like a dare. brb. Edit: It worked fine. Had to use the silicone pad to remove the heat exchanger for a stir, but all in all it performed well. :peace:
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    FC Stickers - Help!

    I actually do have a few different versions of it. I'll PM you. :peace:
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    I agree. And no one is going to go through the hassle of making a counterfeit egg to go along with it. You have a collector's item there, @Squidge. :peace:
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    Can you post a pic? That doesn't sound like a mistake they would make. :peace:
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    Tafée Bowle

    The one that fits worked for me. You should try that one. :peace:
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Since the pics show a nice looking rig.... :peace:
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Here's the thread you were looking for: :peace:
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    Im baaaaaaack

    @stickstones is very much around and doing well. We are getting together actually in a few weeks for the Champs show in Vegas. I'm really looking forward to it. You should check out the weekly podcast he's been doing on the youtubes with @ohmygodimsohigh. It's good stuff. :peace:
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Actually, you should post any comparison questions in one of the other threads. They are there because we don't like to have these types of comparison questions in the vape thread. Thanks. :peace:
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    Im baaaaaaack

    Welcome back, man, it's good to see you. :peace:
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