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    Image Attachments

    Yeah, it was done about a year ago. If you look back through the picture thread for example, you will notice that all the imgur links that were once dead are all visible again. :peace:
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    Image Attachments

    Appreciate the consideration for FC's server's resources, but the image is stored on the server whether you upload it directly, or link to a hosted image. That way if an image host goes under (like many of them have), the image will still be viewable on FC. :peace:
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    Apartment lease says no smoking. What’s the best dry herb vaporizer to get for two people?

    @Reez79 I just merged two back to back posts of yours that somehow got jettisoned out into hyperspace. I'm pretty sure it was a glitch in the forum software, but perhaps I slipped on a banana peel while merging your posts which would make it my fault so I'm sorry either way. I'd paraphrase...
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    Strange Taste Out of Nowhere

    @CicoVaps, please re-read the forum rules that you agreed to when you registered. Specifically take note of our Be Nice rule. Now as to your question about the weird taste you are experiencing, have you considered that you might have COVID? :peace:
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    The Convection Thread

    @stickstones told me years ago how vaping unground nugs is the tastiest way to go and he was right (for a change). I can't argue with anything you've said, Dan. It'd be interesting to be able to test the differences between plant vapor and trichome vapor. Maybe if we all pitch in we can buy a...
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    Have you tried a fresh bag?:shrug: :peace:
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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    It's like we married twin sisters or something. Wanna wife swap? :cool: :peace:
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    Weird News Stories of the Day.....

    I've just removed 14 posts that became a bit too political for FC. Please steer clear of political discussions and leave this thread for weird news stories of the day. Thank you for your cooperation. :peace:
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    Dynavap VapCap

    It's not induction. Induction uses electromagnetic waves. The solo uses a plain ol' ceramic heater. And no, you'll not be able to use it as a vapcap heater. I hope I haven't ruined your day. :peace:
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    Random thoughts

    Folks, let's try to keep this thread about random thoughts and not a place to discuss abortion. Take any abortion discussion to the FC abortion thread. Thank you. :peace:
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    Healthy Rips Rogue

    @Karl_in_Chicago we have a rule about company bashing that you are very close to (if not already) breaking. You might also want to re-read the forum rules and pay close attention to the "Be Nice" part. I would suggest that you reach out to HR one more time and see if they can make things...
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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    I just got this in the mail (Classifieds pickup). Damn, this thing rips... :ko: :peace:
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    Cannabis News

    From the article: :peace:
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    Tommy Chong Autographed XVape Aria Giveaway

    The contest is now over. The winner is........... Congratulations @ataxian! PM me for shipping instructions. :peace:
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    Still getting email notifications despite disabling?

    I just checked your settings myself and they seem set up correctly, so I'm not sure what's going on either.:shrug: I'll let @vtac chime in. :peace:
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