My Vapes and Accessories
What I started out with:

Dynavap (M 2020, M2019, Omnivap, Omnivong, Galaxy, Simrell Vortex, KGWoodcrafts), Crafty+, Mighty, Davinci IQ2, E-nano, Ed's TNT Woodscents, Oconnell Woodworks (Noisy Cricket, Micro, OHV, Bong Sook Shin), Sticky Brick Labs (Flip, Runt, OG, Junior, Maxx, Hydro), Dougs Woodery Nova

My current rotation not all that there is:

Pinky, HLT, New Vape (Flowerpot, Showerhead), Tinymight, Lamart P80, RBT (Splinter, Mi2, Mi3, Zion), Ditanium, Heat Island, Lotus, Vapman, IDB (Atlas, Halo), Herborizer TI, Underdog, Art of Vapor Vapbong, D-nail titanium nails

Will list more as things get swapped into rotation


Toolkit: S&B Crafty+, Mighty; Pax 2; Dynavap 2020 M, Omnivap



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