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    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    Would you sharing some pictures I'm having a hard time visualizing that but that's a great discovery!
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    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    I built a 14 mm one and yeah I love it so far it's the first vape I've had that can fully extract a load in one hit. Now I just need to look around the head shops for a 14 mm to 14 mm adapter that's straight without the bulge because that's the only issue I have right now. Thanks for putting...
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    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    I got the parts to make mine in the mail today and I've got to say it's awesome!! Big clouds of Smooth tasty vapor, the bowl I got for it works fine but I definitely have to get a better one I have now is hard to unload and cause some uneven vaporization.
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    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    @invertedisdead one last question, have you tried 4mm beads? I can only find 3mm beads on vgoodiez but 4mm ones seem to be a little more common.
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    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    Awesome thanks for the help!
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    Sand Castle Vapor Wand

    @invertedisdead I've been thinking of putting together a 14mm version of this for awhile. earlier in this thread you mentioned you had a harder time finding a good bowl for the 14 mm version do you have any recommendations for what I should look for in looking for a bowl, also what size screen...
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    When shopping for new devices, are you most interested in better flavor, or stronger effects?

    For me effects. I use cannabis for pain relief and one the the reasons I still smoke quite a bit is it gives me a much better body high than I've been able to get with vapes even high temps and the same bud. Obviously flavor is still very important or I wouldn't vape at all but I'm also...
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    Core 2.0 - Divine Tribe/SZ Crossing

    Ya I've been following awhile and knew that but it's always good to restate it. in all honesty the stain doesn't really effect the taste for me but I also thought it was worth stating my experience with the temperatures so far too.
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    Core 2.0 - Divine Tribe/SZ Crossing

    I got mine a couple hours ago so far I'm really happy with it but so far I'd recommend only using blue and green with hash rosin my first dab on white with some hash rosin stained the crucible quite a bit.
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    USB-C obsession

    For me I don't even care about the fast charging of USB c I just think the actual connector itself is significantly better than micro USB, it's easier to plug in and at least in my experience more durable both in the cable and the devices plug.
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    Blue or purple thanks for the Opportunity!
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    2021 Most Reached For

    For me it's been my solo 2. I also have a sticky brick Jr and dynavap but the smoothness of the solos vapor and it being electric making it easier to use outside made me reach for it more
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    Vapers vs Smokers 🤣

    I agree I've been using vaporizer as my main way to consume for about a year now but I still smoke quite abit. The biggest reasons for me is I find is that the effects are different. I find smoking to be much stonier and give me a stronger body high which I frequently need for my pain. I also...
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    Dablamp E-Rig

    Hello @Dablamp welcome to FC! I'd be interested in trying your device. I've never dabbed or owned an erig. So I believe I could give you the perspective of someone who has never used a device like this before. I've been incredibly interested in dabbing as another way to medicate so I'd love to...
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    Phase3 Vaporizers

    I've mainly been a lurker but I've been following your thread for awhile I cant wait to try both your vapes out when you release them! Keep up the great work!
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