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    NYC Best Vape Spots

    Now that Summer is here, my favorite vape spot in the whole city has got to be the Queens Night Market. Its so much fun to post up with a picnic blanket and get stoned out of your mind, then go into the stalls and eat as much as you can. If you go this year and see someone hitting a musa 510 or...
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    MUSA Wooden Vape

    Its beautiful and I want one lol.
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    Cloud Connoisseur Zenith

    Thats awesome, cant wait to see more man, thanks for the updates!!!
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    Cloud Connoisseur Zenith

    Thats so awesome looking, this is a super excitimg vape. What settings do you use to run it off a mod? Will it be compatible with any 18mm injector bowl? That curved, striped body looks sooooo good btw.
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    New York Cannabis News

    Enjoy your trip! There may be no better place to be stoned than NYC :)
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    New York Cannabis News

    There are legal medical dispensaries, but not recreational and they dont take out of state med cards (not that you should try to get nymmj anyway, its garbage). There are seemingly endless grey market stores and trucks selling weed though, so buying isnt hard at all. Where are you staying...
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    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    Highartisan makes some really nice 14mm stems with terp pills for cooling, i have one for my MV touch. Could be a great fit (literally and figuratively)
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    Best portable convection vape for flavor.

    Teflon minivap and the Toad are the best portables for flavor in my experience with portables, which is somewhat extensive. Zion M is close, but requires more skill to achieve the same level of flavor. TP80, any Milaana (but particularly 1s and 2s), lil buds, and Musa 510 come close, but cant...
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    Thats a gorgeous one, i was wondering when someone was gonna grab that guy. Congrats!
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    Tetra P80

    Got my first choice :) Edit: Not the amboyna burl, to be clear, that was never an option. But pomelle sapelle is surely no compromise
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    Tetra P80

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    Tetra P80

    I womder what happened to the 2 tone amboyna burl unit. I was keeping a close eye on it and then it disappeared off the site this morning. Good thing there are a lot of units i want, although that was gonna be my first choice.
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    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    Is there gonna be a plug for the carb?
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    XMAX Giveaway! For fellow FC members.

    Gotta "B" B.
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    What do you pay per ounce of cannabis?

    The weed scene in nyc is incredibly diluted by California illegal grows, which are certainly not organic. I go up to Maine to buy my bud, they take NY med cards and incredible organic weed is both cheap and widely available.
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