My Vapes and Accessories
Current: Minivap, Volcano, Mighty, Firefly 2+, Neo, E-Nano, Milaana 3 (3), Milaana 2 (5), Milaana 1, Spalted Milaana 1.5, Zion M (2), Mutant Milaana, Splinter V2 (3), Splinter Z V2, UnklMark CB80Z, Lil Bud, Lil Bud Elite (2), Tetra P80, iHeat 510 (2), Solo 1, Ghost MV1 (2), UnklMark Nunchuk, Shammer, Cosmic Xtractor, Toad by Dan Morrison (Batch 1 #7), Heat Island, Musa 510, CouchLog (2), Herbie V2, GTR (F) , GTR (M), Mistvape Touch, Alpha+Dog, SC3 Dog
Gone but not forgotten: EQ, MFLB, Crafty
Actively looking for: iHeat (plug in), Lil Bud Timber




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