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My Vapes and Accessories
Ed's TnT Woodscents, Hydrobrick Maxx, MFLB, Da Buddha, Vivant Alternate, Dynavap M
Nothing worth bragging about


Vaporizers: Vapman (Yew Tree wood), Flowerpot Vrod, Dynavap M 3x(2017, 2019, & 2020 models), Vivant Vleaf Go, Flowermate CAP, The Nomad (1st Gen), Ed's TnT Woodscents Logs 3x(2017 Katalox, 2018 Maple, & 2019 Golden Amboyna Burl w/Sapwood), Hydrobrick Maxx (Walnut), Silver Surfer, Fury 2, Da Buddha, MFLB, Vivant Alternate
Grinders: Brilliant Cut Grinder 2x(Blue beta model & Green current model), ZAM Grinder, SLX 2.0, Super Weapon II 2x(Gold and Pink models), Kannastör GR8TR V1, NewVape Fine Grinder, MFLB Finishing Grinder, Storz & Bickel Herb Mill, Mendo Mulcher 1.75″ Double Thick GRIP Edge 2-Piece Grinder
Other Equipment: HotShot Induction Heater, Auber RDK-300a Enail Controller + 710 Coils Opaque-bottom 30mm Banger & Coil, Slug.33 Rosin Forge



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