My usual rotation (in general usage order):
Vivant Alternates,
Fury 2's,
Ghost Mv1's,
Air 2,
Davinci IQ,

Apr 30, 1985 (Age: 38)
Langley Mill, Nottinghamshire, England
My Vapes and Accessories
Davinci Ascent * (replaced twice, now sold),
Sonic * replaced twice then returned for refund,
Solo * (sold for air),
MFLB - cherry wood (redundant, would sell or gift away),
Hammer (redundant backup butane vape, would sell or gift away),
Pinnacle Pro (2 internal batteries died on me from 2 previously owned & 2 were gifted to a now ex-combusting friend),
Flowermate Vapormax V * (sold),
Pax 1 * (returned after never functioning),
Titan 2 x 10* (sold).
Iolite * (sold),
Volcano Digital * gave back,
Arizer Air,
Firefly clone, (redundant so gave away),
2x SS & 2x Ti Grasshoppers (1x Green),
Focusvape (x2 original model), - (1 broke after a bike accident, 1 just died),
Focusvape digital, still own bit beat up but holds its place,
4x Vapcaps 1 wood 2 custom metal bodies with ti tips and a sandblasted m.
2x Vivant Alternate (with 2x ratchet crafty water adaptors).
2xGhost Mv1 (1 rose gold 1 stealth black)
2xFury 2.
Focus Digital S.
Davinci IQ.
Arizer Air 2.

Volcano analog.
Lord, Priest, Manager, Trader, Farmer,


In daily rotation: Vivant Alternates (2), Fury 2's (2), Grasshoppers (4), MV1's (2), Focusvapes (Pro & S), Arizer Air's 1 & 2, Fierce, Ambit, Davinci IQ, Vapcaps (4 of them).




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